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You Can Pull Off This DIY Devil Halloween Costume In Your Sleep

Everyone will want to dance with the devil.

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Halloween weekend is always one of the most fun-filled times of the year, and I am counting down the seconds until I can enjoy the very best part: dressing up. Although, I could do without the costs. Buying the perfect Halloween costume can get expensive — and complicated — very quickly, depending on how involved you want to be. But rather than dish out dollars on an outfit you’ll only wear once, you can make your own DIY devil Halloween costume. Grab your red clothes, some paper, and get crafting.

When you were a kid, it’s likely that there was nothing worse than a homemade costume your mom forced you into, but now, a DIY Halloween costume is the way to go. It lets you put your own spin on the costume while scoring you points, and saving you money, for doing it all by yourself. There’s nothing that’ll impress your friends more than when they see your mad crafting skills.

This year, Halloween falls on a Sunday, which means you’ll likely need a few costumes for all of your Halloween plans throughout the weekend. Luckily, having a DIY devil costume in your back pockets means you’ll be prepared for whatever this October throws at you. All you need is a can-do attitude and some red clothes, and you’re cooking with some Satanic gas. Then, you’ll be a devil in a few minutes, ready to raise some hell.

1. Start with your DIY devil horns.

You can’t be the Devil without horns — that goes without saying. Luckily, there are a few different paths you can take to make an easy set of DIY devil horns that work for your look. The easiest way is to take a cheap headband and adhere two, red paper horns on either side, but you can get fancier than that. Using newspaper, tape, tinfoil, hot glue, and spray paint, @Skelterina on YouTube crafts spiral horns that look right up Lucifer’s alley.

Kayla Hadlington’s devil horn YouTube tutorial involving a headband and some wires. She wraps two pigtails around the wire to craft super cute horns. You’ll, of course, need to load up with hairspray and bobby pins to make sure the whole look stays secure. If hair horns are your thing, you can also go down the simpler path of putting two space buns on the top of your head and spraying them with temporary red hair color. This won’t be as recognizable, but it will get the job done.

2. Make your devil outfit with all the red clothes you have in your closet.

Gather up all the red clothing you own for this next part. Think: a cute red dress, or just a red T-shirt and red leggings. You don’t need to be entirely monochromatic to become a devil, though. Even just a red top will do the trick. There’s nothing better than being comfortable, too, so you can pair it all with your favorite jeans or comfy pants.

3. The devil’s in the details when it comes to your makeup look.

The color palette of your devil makeup should continue down the fiery path. Verb has a quick, two-minute devil makeup tutorial on YouTube that’ll seal the deal and get you out the door. For this look, Claire applied red eyeshadow all along her cheekbones and up to her eyelids to really channel a full face of devilish energy. If you’re unafraid to go hard on your makeup, you can take it further with Katie Michaelis’ sweeping devil makeup look on YouTube. The amount of levels of red happening really bring on the drama — just like the devil herself would.