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Graduation Dresses That You'll Be Able To Wear To Work And Beyond

Celebrate first, then find a job.

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Entering post-grad life is both thrilling and daunting at the same time. Will I be able to get a job? Where will I live? Do I have to buy an entirely new wardrobe? These are all valid questions. To help you with that latter inquiry, I've rounded up 10 college graduation dress ideas that will not only make you look like a star on the big day but also transition to office life (or work from home life, or some hybrid of the two) seamlessly. While it would be great if they did, the mini skirts, bodycon dresses, Greek life shirts, and leggings you've been wearing for the past four years typically won’t work in post-grad professional settings all that well (I speak from experience here), and chances are you won't have a ton of money to blow on new clothes you’ll only be wearing to work. That’s why we’ve got items that work for both aspects of your life, regardless of whether it’s time to work or time to play.

Once you say goodbye to college for good and enter the “real” world, you'll soon learn that shopping for versatile pieces is key. Anything that can be worn for multiple occasions (and in multiple ways) should snag a spot in your cart since it'll minimize your sartorial needs. Why not soft launch your new, professional style by repurposing your grad dress? Below are my top picks of dresses that I'd wear to an office (albeit a rather casual one), brunch, a birthday, and beyond — it's all about how you choose to accessorize them.

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Grad Dresses: Checks And Balances

This is equal parts professional and fashionable. Its gingham pattern, long hemline, and flowing silhouette render it appropriate for any workplace, while its puffy sleeves and soft colors are super trendy. Style it with heels and a low bun for a networking event or with white sneakers and statement earrings for a nice brunch with friends.

Grad Dresses: Polka, Polka, Polka Dot

Another option that could be worn on the regular to the office is Amy Cart’s Chiffon Dress ($43, Amy’s Cart). The contrasting polka dots and flouncy skirt make it fun for graduation as well as whatever after-party you might have planned.

Grad Dresses: Going Green

This is like a wearable spinach smoothie thanks to its light green color, which immediately makes me feel healthier and happier just by looking at it. I love this dress' elastic bodice since I know it’ll be so comfortable and it’s workplace-appropriate slit. It would look especially good paired with gold earrings.

Grad Dresses: Animal Moment

Because a cool, animal print dress will never go out of style, I especially love this Curvy Sense’s Chiffon Maxi Dress’ ($80, Curvy Sense) balloon sleeves and funky, pattern mixing. It could be worn all year long, you’d just need to add tights or strappy sandals depending on the weather.

Grad Dresses: Garden Party

Drool. This dress combines a slew of my favorite things and is versatile AF to boot. Its airy fabric, delicate flowers, and buttons going down the front are all so good, and I'd wear it to an interview or a spring wedding in a heartbeat.

Grad Dresses: Coming Up Roses

The ultimate elegant graduation jumpsuit. If you're going for something super springy, light, and ethereal, this option is for you! It just needs a turtleneck or t-shirt under it to really sell its professional edge.

Grad Dresses: Groovy, Baby

Mad Men meets Woodstock in this amazing dress! Its necktie is Joan Holloway to a T, while the ruffles and rad wavy print are totally '70s-inspired. She gets business done while having fun.

Grad Dresses: New Millennial

Because millennials are going to save the world, am I right? This pink dress is reminiscent of this viral strawberry dress from 2020 and boasts a midi hemline and simple silhouette.

Grad Dresses: Primary Fun

The print on this dress is to die for. It's like something from a beautifully retro dream. It doesn’t get more eye-catching or vibrant than this.

Grad Dresses: Jump To It

Not everyone wants to wear a dress for graduation or to work, for that matter, Cider’s Floral Jumpsuit ($32, Cider) is a great option. It’s simple and bold, which makes it super easy to accessorize and dress up or down.

Grad Dresses: Suit Up

You might not even want to wait a minute before joining the workforce after graduation, and in that case, you should have on a suit under your robes. You can’t make a bad impression when your suit is as bold as Fashion Nova’s Blazer Pant Set ($33, Fashion Nova) in red is.

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