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Billie Eilish's Brand New Hair Is A Full-On Goth Fantasy

With her choppy bangs, she’s going full angst.

Frazer Harrison/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Put on the Arctic Monkeys because angsty is officially back in. If you don’t trust me, just look at the “bad guy” singer, because Billie Eilish just dyed her hair jet black and got baby bangs to boot. Goodbye platinum blonde, goodbye chocolate brown; 2022 is all about Eilish’s latest moody, dark shade. At least, until she changes it once again, which likely won’t be before too long.

Fans likely had an inkling that the black was coming back into town because on Jan. 28, Eilish posted an Instagram of herself with black hair and choppy bangs with the caption “one week from tonight.” But she couldn’t wait that long to unveil whatever secret she was keeping. On Feb. 2 (just five days later), her rich, black hair was fully on display. In the post, Eilish was on a plane wrapped up in a black hoodie. She’s got a face mask on, so all you can see is her new ‘do and her blue eyes boring into you. But the star of the show is definitely her new hair.

Eilish’s hair is deep black. It’s not night sky or grayish; it’s like an oil spill happened on her head in the best way. To frame her face, she went complex with her bangs. She’s rocking baby bangs right across her forehead as well as some serious layers. Although some of it is hidden by her mask, the choppiness continues all the way to her jawline.

From top to bottom, this is a hairdo that definitely blasts My Chemical Romance on the reg.

If you’re looking for a star-studded new haircut, bangs are calling out to you. Rather than Eilish’s baby bangs, Kristen Stewart just added some long, wispy curtain bangs to her look, and Kesha got super choppy, straight-across bangs. So if you’ve been waiting for a reason to get bangs, consider this a signal beaming straight at you.

At the end of the day, no matter what style of forehead hair you’re feeling, know you have an A-lister’s full support (and photo to show to your hairstylist for inspo). Just know that if you’re aiming for the full Eilish look, black box dye is decidedly not your friend.