Billie Eilishe ditched her blonde hair and debuted a new brunette hairstyle on Instagram.

Billie Ditched Her Blonde Hair For A Brand-New Brunette Era

Wake up babe, new Billie hair color just dropped.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The year 2021 welcomed many changes for Billie Eilish, like the release of her sophomore album Happier Than Ever, her June British Vogue cover which photographed Eilish outside her typical casual look, and don’t forget her platinum blonde hair that sent everyone in a frenzy. Well, it looks like once again, Eilish has thrown us a curveball. On Dec. 3, the 19-year-old singer shared an Instagram picture showing her fans that she ditched her blonde hair for a brand-new brunette ‘do.

The “Bad Guy” singer debuted her new brunette locks on IG with the caption, “Miss me?” She also teased a close shot of her eyes and fringe on her IG Story with the words, “guess what.”

Eilish’s return to dark hair is a welcomed one for longtime fans. After Eilish went blonde in March, some fans felt she shouldn’t have let go of the iconic electric green ombré look that had become her signature style. In a Sept. 23 interview with Elle, Eilish got real about why she ditched the green roots. “I couldn’t go anywhere with that hair because it was so obviously me,” Eilish said. “I wanted anonymity.”

She told the magazine regardless of her hair color, she will always be the same person underneath. “The other day, I posted a video from when I had green hair, and I saw people go, ‘I miss this Billie, the green-haired Billie. I’m still the same person. I’m not just different Barbies with different heads.”

Fans are no stranger to Eilish’s hair evolution. When she first appeared on everyone’s radar with her single “Ocean Eyes” back in 2016, she was rocking silver hair. In the following years, Eilish made a habit of constantly changing up her hair color with lavender, blue, and teal hair before landing on the green roots that she became known for.

Eilish's new dye is simple, and it’s probably her most natural look yet. Plus, anyone who dyes their hair knows it’s fun to change up your look and vibe. All the more power to Eilish who is not afraid to go out of her comfort zone and rock a new look.