Ariana Grande in her "God is a Woman" music video, ahead of God is a Woman Body Line launch.

Ariana Grande's God Is A Woman Body Line Has The Same Color Palette As The Music Video

See if you deserve what comes next.

If you thought Ariana Grande was going to stop her beauty industry takeover with r.e.m. beauty, think again. After a successful launch of her God is a Woman perfume in summer 2021, the Grammy winner is hitting you with even more launches inspired by her woman power anthem — as in, an entire God is a Woman body care line. Yuh, that’s right.

Fans have been waiting for this drop for what feels like forever. Constantly on the watch, Arianators were quick to notice when the Don’t Look Up actor’s team filed a trademark for “God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande” back in April 2021. Ever since then, they’ve been twiddling their thumbs, wondering what Grande could possibly have in store. And, trust me, she didn’t disappoint. She’s releasing an entire self-care line that is not only going to give your skin the healthiest glow possible, but it’s also going to smell amazing.

The God is a Woman Body Line actually drops really soon, and everything in the collection is priced under $40. That means you can smell and glow like Ariana Grande on the cheap. Once you get your hands on it, you’ll not only believe Grande is God for creating something so amazing, you’ll even feel like a god. Here’s everything you need to know about the collection:

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Courtesy of Ulta Beauty

What’s included in Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman Body Line?

For this first drop, there are four new decadent products coming your way. First and foremost is the “Positions” singer’s favorite product, the Body Scrub Soufflé. Formulated with coconut oil and shea butter, it practically melts on your skin. It uses a salt base to gently scrub your skin and leave you feeling like a new person. Once you’re exfoliated, you can hydrate with the Luxurious Body Oil, which promises to lock in moisture, nourish your skin, and make you feel super soft while leaving behind that gorgeous, body-oil shine.

Up next are products you’re never going to want to take out of your purse: The Hand and Body Cream is ideal for when your skin just needs a little pick-me-up throughout the day. It’s made with argan oil, so you’re not left with a heavy or greasy feeling after use. Then there’s the Deluxe Travel Spray. Coming in a small bottle, this product gives you a little burst of the fruity, floral scent whenever you crave it.

The best part — apart from the fact that the collection has the exact same color palette as the “God is a Woman” music video — is that all the products are made according to the standards of Ulta Beauty’s Conscious Beauty Program. That means no microplastics, phthalates, or parabens are involved.

How much does the God is a Woman Body Line cost?

Grande is keeping her drop pretty affordable. You can snag the Hand and Body Cream for only $12; the Body Scrub Soufflé for $30; and the Luxurious Body Oil for $35. Like most perfumes, the travel spray is on the pricier end; each refill is $38.

Where can you shop the God is a Woman Body Line?

The collection drops on Ulta Beauty’s website on Aug. 22. If you want to check it out in person, you have to wait until Aug. 28 for the entire line to hit Ulta stores nationwide. That is unless it all sells out immediately.