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Sooo... Ariana Grande May Be Dropping A Body Care Brand

God Is A Woman. That's it, that's the name.

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

God certainly is a woman whose name is Ariana Grande, because my God, the woman doesn’t sleep. On top of her casual full-time jobs of carrying the entire music industry and the fragrance industry on her back, Grande may be launching a beauty brand. The possible brand is reportedly named “God Is A Woman” and appears to be focused on fragrance and body care.

Although Grande has yet to confirm the news herself, her team filed trademarks for “God Is A Woman by Ariana Grande” on April 15, 2021. As of June 3, the filing covers “body lotions; non-medicated skincare preparations, namely, body mousse, body mists, body soufflés; eau de parfum; perfume; shower gels; bath gels; eau de cologne; and eau de toilette.” As with most trademarks, the goods and services very well might change. This is also no indication that God Is A Woman will come to fruition or that it’ll launch soon if it does. Still, it appears some body care-related wheels are turning behind the scenes for Grande.

When beauty insider Instagram account @Trendmood1 posted news of Grande’s trademark filing, the information was met with mixed reviews. Fans of Grande were elated. “YES MISS ARI!!! Ready to bathe in whatever she brings out 🔥,” wrote one commenter. Others were less than thrilled, citing how oversaturated the beauty market is already and how jaded they are from countless celebrity beauty brands. “Ariana is getting into a market that is already so oversaturated,” said one Instagram user, with another writing, “I’m so over these celeb brands.”


To Grande’s credit, body care is a less-explored arena for celebrities than, say, skin care and makeup lines, which do seem to pop up with every passing second. If she can make a body lotion as well as she can make a single, I’d say God Is A Woman will have a bright future.