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Ariana Grande at the 2020 Grammy Awards, ahead of sharing before-and-after makeup photos on Instagra...

You Have To See Ariana Grande’s Before-And-After Makeup Photos

Fans are equally obsessed with both looks.

Ariana Grande is an all-around style star. When it comes to her fashion, I see it, I like it, I want it (but can’t always afford it). When it comes to her beauty brand, r.e.m. beauty, the results always have my smile beamin' and my skin gleamin'. Then, of course, there’s her iconic hairstyle. (You like my hair? Gee, thanks, I just put it in a ponytail à la Grande.) So you can bet that Ariana Grande’s before-and-after makeup photos are enviable as well.

On Monday, July 25, the 29-year-old Grammy winner posted back-to-back snapshots of herself on her Instagram Stories. The first snap was a short clip of a bare-faced Grande doing a quick shoulder shrug and smirk as she brings a mug close to her lips. (About to sip the tea, perhaps?) The caption: a simple “before,” along with r.e.m. beauty’s official IG tag.

The second snap (aka the “after” pic) shows the “POV” singer in her more signature glam, with her face — including her eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, nose, and cheeks — emphasized with top of the head-to-neck makeup. Grande’s look was further accentuated with a small pair of heart-shaped earrings and a delicate, gold necklace.

Ariana Grande Before Makeup

r.e.m. beauty Instagram Stories

Ariana Grande After Makeup

r.e.m. beauty Instagram Stories

Of course, Arianators had a field day across social media. Some fans on Twitter couldn’t even decide which look they prefer. In response to the pair of pics, one fan tweeted, “So beautiful with n [sic] without makeup.” Another commented, “She's gorgeous — a natural beauty. Glamorous, when all made up, but without make-up, she's stunning too.”

Others found it refreshing to see the Don’t Look Up actor sans makeup:

While it’s rare to see Grande without *any* makeup on, she posted a pic of herself wearing no-makeup makeup in February that could’ve easily fooled those with an untrained eye. Though she gave the appearance of zero glam, her ~natural~ look included at least one coat of black mascara, some pink eyeshadow, and a light contour to highlight her cheekbones.

Like pretty much the rest of humanity, the artist also went makeup-free during lockdown, showing off her natural freckles in May 2020. “Sleepy nakey eyes,” she captioned a snap of herself sans her usual gravity-defying eyelash extensions on her Instagram Stories at the time.

Hey, with makeup, without makeup, with makeup but looks like she’s going without makeup — whatever look makes Ariana Grande feel confident at any given time is always the winner in my book.