Ariana Grande Showed Off Her Natural Freckles In A Rare, Makeup-Free Selfie

Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Everyone’s beauty routines have changed at least somewhat in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, though perhaps no one’s as much as celebrities'. With much fewer appearance and events, stars aren't spending hours in the hair and makeup chair, so many are going natural with their beauty routines. Ariana Grande is apparently on that train. On Thursday, May 14, Grande shared a series of makeup-free selfies, and let me tell you, her freckles are fully on display and adorable.

The series of photos shows the singer with a butterfly filter on; her hair is done up in her signature ponytail, but her usual eyelash extensions, contour, dramatic winged liner, and foundation are gone. The only evidence of any makeup looks like a small line of eyeliner (although that might just be the filter) and maybe some lipgloss. On full display, instead, was Grande’s enviably dewy, clear skin, with a guest appearance by the plethora of freckles sprinkled over her nose and cheeks. Who knew that hidden under her usual full-glam beat was a cluster of freckles that would make an egirl jealous?

Throughout her quarantine, it seems Grande has been striking a balance between totally natural, light makeup, doing her hair, and leaving it in its natural curls, all while keeping very busy with appearances in The Disney Family Singalong, releasing new music, and releasing a cloth face mask to help benefit musicians in need. Despite all that, she’s still finding time to relax and give her skin a breather.

Ariana Grande/Instagram

Grande isn’t the only celebrity taking a break from her beauty routines. Kylie Jenner proclaimed she was on a “hair health journey” and wore her natural hair, lashes, and nails without extensions for a while. Bella Hadid has also shared photos of herself sans makeup. All in all, it seems like celebrities are giving their hair and faces a little break — well, at least the celebrities who aren’t dyeing their hair, like Dua Lipa seems to do relatively frequently (and still manages to make it look good).

As everyone slumps through their time in quarantine, it’s nice to see celebrities are having almost as normal a time as the rest of us are. Maybe the outpouring of support for Grande’s makeup-free selfies will lead the pop star to dropping her skincare routine. At the very least, hopefully she'll post a few more pics with her freckles.