Someone Turned The BBC Kid Crashing Interview Into A Hilarious Meme About Trump

Daily Show

Remember that BBC interview everyone was laughing at last Friday? It's a meme now of course.

Tons of people people have been using it to describe funny situations, because, you know, that's how memes work. I'd love to show you can example, too, but literally know other joke using the BBC interview meme is even memorable after this one.

In fact, this is so good, it doesn't need words.

Yes, that viral video got turned by "The Daily Show" into a meme about Donald Trump's presidency.

It is hilariously accurate and perfect, for obvious reasons.

Poor Sean Spicer has been doing his best to make sense of all the crazy that President Trump's actions have made him explain to reporters (and let's not kid ourselves, between inauguration crowds and "wiretapping," there's been A LOT of crazy).

Just think back to that time Spicer tried prove that Donald Trump knew whether Frederick Douglass was alive or not.

Spicer said,

I think he wants to highlight the contributions that he has made. And I think through a lot of the actions and statements that he's going to make, I think the contributions of Frederick Douglass will become more and more.


Yet every time he tries to clear things up, here's comes the boss, with another controversial statement to make Spicer's job tougher. There's always one of Trump's boys following behind, though, ready to say something equally ridiculous.

Next thing you know, Kellyanne Conway is trying to clean up the mess the boys made and ends up tripping all over herself, like that time she tried to promote Ivanka's products in front of the White House's seal.

Fox News

Yeah, that was bad, but this meme? This meme is A+ all around, truly.

We really need more like it, too, because at this point, it's only the laughs that can get us through all the BS.