Dad Films The Wrong Girl At Daughter's Graduation & The Video Is Hilarious

Graduation can be a very emotional event, and those walking across the stage are usually super nervous as parents and loved ones cheer for them on the sideline.

One dad got so excited during his daughter's graduation that he pulled out his phone are started filming. What he didn't realize was that he was filming the wrong girl.

The father in question belongs to Twitter user @GeorgiaBabyyy, who now knows first hand just how nervous parents get during important events.

Talk about the perfect Twitter moment.

"My dad legit filmed the wrong girl going down the isle at my graduation..."

"Sums up my dad," she wrote.

In the video, you can see Georgia saying, "That's someone else." OOPS.

Georgia tweeted her graduation video on July 20 and it has already amassed over 1,000 retweets, thousands of likes, and many hilarious comments. The Twitterverse can't get enough of this video.

"I can't stop watching this."

I legitimately can't stop watching this video either. It's just so good.

Some users were really understanding about her dad's mistake.

I totally agree with you, @ILoveHebron. Student debt is a way bigger issue than your dad confusing you for someone else.

Twitter user @Occams_Cat shared a funny and very similar anecdote about his father.

Wait, so recording the wrong person -- or in this Twitter user's case, an event -- is a common occurrence among parents?

Twitter user @NY_2NY offered an unlikely reason about why Georgia's dad recorded the wrong person.

Something tells me that's not the case.

Either way, Georgia's dad will be in good company in 2017's Twitter "Hall of Fame" alongside viral stars like...

The mom who ordered pizza with no sauce or cheese...

This woman who took spaghetti to the movie theater...

And my personal favorite, the baby who tried soda for the first time.

Georgia's dad serves as a great example of what not to do if you want great footage of a memorable event, and what to do if you want to go viral on the internet.