Mom Makes Huge Mistake Using Domino's App To Order Pizza And It's Hilarious

by Brenda Santana

As a big fan of Domino's pizza, I find myself ordering from the restaurant's easy-to-use app more frequently than I care to admit.

All you have to do is fire up the app and start a new or existing order, and then your pie is magically on its way.

You can also click on the little microphone on the lower left-hand corner of the Domino's app and just tell it what you want.

Simple right? Well, not so simple for the mother of Twitter user @WhosRobertSeed, who proved that the Domino's app should be just a little clearer.

"My mom used the dominos app for the first time and forgot to get sauce and cheese."

Let she who has never forgotten to order cheese and sauce on her pizza throw the first stone!

The tweet was posted on July 7 and has already amassed more than 30,000 likes and 12,000 retweets — not to mention, the countless comments that have been posted by users and pizza competitors.

"Delete the app and DM us."

Those are fighting words, DiGiorno!

Twitter user @Kelhutch17 and a few others don't quite believe the hype.

Valid argument...

But others understand the power of a confused parent using a smartphone.

Twitter user @Itsalyceea proves she's also been a victim of the app.

But momma Stead stepped in to calm everyone down.

"Next time I am calling... the old fashioned way," tweeted @TroyBug, the mom in question.

Ok, there's no way to actually prove whether or not this now viral tweet is true or if it was staged.

What can be said, however, is that while technology sometimes makes our lives harder, it can also serve as a provider for amazing internet moments.

The next time you order a pizza, be sure you have the sauce and cheese button checked, and if that's too hard, just pick up the phone and order your pie the old-fashioned way.