Toddler Sips Soda For The First Time And Her Reaction Is All Of Us At Happy Hour

by Brenda Santana

I can remember the first time I had a sip of rosé as if it were yesterday, and I experienced a similar reaction to this little girl after her first sip of Coca-Cola.

I was at dinner with a group of friends, and the magnums of rosé were on special for $65. Once the bottle arrived at our table and the server poured my first glass, it was an instant love affair.

From that moment on, any happy hour, brunch, or dinner I would attend would always be accompanied by a glass of the pink stuff.

My reaction was similar to Evie's, the toddler in the video below who recently tried soda for the first time.

The video, which was shared on YouTube by Reddit user Earthos83, shows a toddler named Evie tasting soda for the first time -- and based on her expression, we're assuming she loved it.

Raise your hand if Evie reminds you of yourself at brunch last weekend.

Evie's video went viral after her dad (Reddit user Earthos83) posted the hilariously relatable video to YouTube on July 1.

The video already has more than 700,000 views, and like any viral sensation, hundreds of funny comments on Twitter.

"My reaction when I have the last beer."

Not everyone thinks this video is all cuteness.

Reddit user nowgetbacktowork expresses their frustration with the video saying:

Adorable video- that kid is too cute. My only very minor suggestion while your kids are little: try hard not to call junk/fast food a 'treat.' If crappy food is what you get as a special bonus it'll be associated with good feelings. I grew up this way and I'm trying to break the cycle with my kids. Foods shouldn't be prizes or punishments. Everything is fine in moderation.

Whoa, I hardly think a sip of Coke is going to start an addiction.

This is why we can't have nice things!

No matter how you feel about a toddler drinking Coke, you can't deny that the video of Evie taking her first sip of soda is all of us at happy hour.