Genius Woman Brings Bagged Spaghetti To Movie Theater And Twitter Is Oddly Torn

by Brenda Santana

The movie-going experience has really changed over the years, guys.

It's 2017, and you can now watch movies in 3-D while reclining in comfy chairs and enjoying a delicious meal. All of those things are great, but they come with a hefty price tag. Honestly, going to the movies has become expensive AF.

Some of us don't want to spend a fortune on popcorn and just want to watch a movie with a simple snack... like, say, spaghetti.

Well, one woman did just that and brought two bags of spaghetti and meatballs to the theater. Needless to say, the photo of her holding up two bags of "movie spaghetti" is blowing up on Twitter.

Some people think she's a genius, but other people are oddly annoyed by the food hack.

Some folks think she's a "hero to all."

It is a pretty solid idea.

Some just don't get it.

Well, @WillErnest2, there are also "so many reasons" spaghetti should be served in a movie theater.

Some users are saying this woman got the idea of "movie spaghetti" from Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Well, you can't argue with the facts.

Others claim to have done this same thing in the past.

I'm sort of guilty of sneaking in my own meals too. Don't judge me!

This topic of conversation first came about on a podcast named @SlashFilmCast during a segment they call Slash Film Court.

A listener named Logan called in claiming his girlfriend, Shalini B, tried taking two bags of spaghetti and meatballs to the movies to watch Spiderman Homecoming.

NGL, that sounds like a great meal to eat while watching Spiderman, but I digress.

Logan was able to convince Shalini to leave her Ziploc bags of pasta in the car in exchange for him buying her whatever she wanted at the theater's concession stand.

Still, listeners were skeptical about the hype, so Slash Film host and producer David Chen tweeted the photo of Shalini holding her bags of spaghetti and meatballs as proof that this story is indeed the real deal.

Real or not, moments like these really make me love the internet... they also make me really crave spaghetti.