'Cash Me Outside' Girl's Reply To If She'll 'Go Hollywood' Proves We're Doomed

by Harley Tamplin

I don't want to alarm you, but “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli is slowly taking over the world.

And there's no sign the viral 13-year-old is just going to disappear from our lives — especially when the paparazzi is asking her about her plans for Hollywood.

TMZ reported Danielle was recently hanging out at Catch in LA when she was asked if she'll be taking her talents (ahem) to the big screen.

Her response was classic “Cash Me Outside” girl.

I'm not Hollywood, I'm Hollyhood.

OMG! SOoooo hilarious! What will she say next?!

Let's be real, though, the girl says one thing, and suddenly, she's making it rain in music videos, selling overpriced merch and being mentioned in the same breath as Hollywood?

Ain't nobody got time for that.


I have no idea how we got to the stage where we need to pay attention to everything this teen tearaway says, but this is life now, howbow dah?

Plus, after telling the world she planned to “whoop every Kardashian,” I can't imagine Hollywood (or Hollyhood?) is going to welcome her with open arms.

In the clip, Danielle also touched on her ongoing legal troubles.

ICYMI, Champion accused her of ripping off its famous logo to sell hoodies, and, well, you can see why the brand's so pissed.


Hanes, who owns the brand, wrote to the Bregolis, warning them they have a week to stop producing the designs that resembled Champion's “C” logo.

The company said it needs to protect Hanes' “extensive consumer goodwill and reputation.”

Danielle, who is apparently getting no legal advice whatsoever, said,

Bitch, fuck Champion, I'm the Champion.

Now I'm no lawyer, but saying that to the company considering suing you is not a great look.

But probably the most ridiculous part of this new video is someone off camera saying, “Oh my God, that's 'Cash Me Outside girl!'”

She's utterly terrifying, and she's going absolutely nowhere.

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