Bill Gates Goes On Optimistic Twitter Rant All Recent College Grads Need To See

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Graduating from college is something anyone should be proud of, but it's also an overwhelming experience.

It's quite common for people to feel completely lost in the period that follows, with no clear vision of what to do next or where life will take them.

You go from being surrounded by friends in a relatively sheltered environment, to being shoved into the "real world" with far more responsibilities than you've likely ever had in the past.

In this context, it's easy to focus on what's negative about your life and the world, rather than concentrating on all of the positive things surrounding you.

For all of these reasons and more, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates just went on a wisdom-filled Twitter rant directed at anyone who's recently graduated from college.

Gates wants recent college grads to know that's totally OK and that there are many reasons to feel optimistic in the grand scheme of things.

If you're unsure of what field to pursue, Gates highlighted some of the most promising fields for young people.

He then discussed what he wished he'd known when he was back in college (he actually dropped out of Harvard after his sophomore year), including that intelligence takes many forms.

Gates also wants young people to know it's never too early to begin fighting "inequity."

And he urged recent college grads to surround themselves with people who lift them up and push them to be the best version of themselves.

Gates said he measures his happiness "by whether people close to me are happy and love me" and by the difference he makes in others.

While the headlines we read every day might make it seem the world is getting worse, Gates wants you to know it's actually the greatest time in history to be alive.

Gates acknowledged we still face many problems, but we should also be proud of the progress we've made -- it reminds us change is possible.

When times get tough, remember that it could always be worse, and there are always reasons to feel hopeful. Those who believe in the impossible are the most likely to bring it about.