Why Graduating From College Is Exactly Like Breaking Up With A SO

By Kelsey Murphy

Graduating college can be an experience filled with sadness, uncertainty and even heartbreak.

Much like a breakup, you have to face a new world without the comfort and reassurance of having endless time to figure out what you want to do with your life. You must accept you cannot spend a lifetime together with this certain person.

For 20-somethings, college graduation is a breakup.

The continual feeling of fun and excitement dissipates when that degree comes, and your core relationships drastically shift.

There's no more living with friends on campus, or going out on weekdays knowing the next day's responsibilities start with a 12 pm class. You know longer have the confidence — sometimes, the delusion — that your studying and grades provide an instant link to your dream job.

The breakup can feel like falling down a flight of stairs and landing directly on your face -- stilettos in air and contents of your bag spewed everywhere.

It's almost like that time at your first frat party.

All of a sudden, the honeymoon phase of life ends. Noon is no longer morning, and pizza rolls are no longer an acceptable meal.

Life is undeniably changing in a way you feel you have little to no control over.

It's much like losing a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and you're terrified.

Suddenly, you feel alone, lost in a giant world without the direction or support you've grown so accustomed to.

Losing your group of closest friends will hurt, much like losing your significant other.

There will be days and nights when you'll wonder if you’re alone in wondering these things, drowning out your own self-confidence and assuredness.

You'll be asking yourself many "what ifs," but do not succumb to these negative thoughts and fears.

In reality, the majority of college graduates feel exactly the same as you do.

They're wondering what city to move to, what job to take, whom and when they will date again and where their lives will go.

And just as you found solace in being single again after that painful breakup you thought you’d never get over, you will adjust to the part of life that comes after campus housing, late nights with friends and too many rounds of flip cup.

Channel your fear and pain of leaving behind those precious memories into building an even better, more successful life.

Never forget them, and use them as confidence boosters to remind yourself you made it through in the end.

The effort and dedication you displayed in order to earn your degree can be applied to your career and new relationships outside of school.

Loneliness and sadness may come on occasion after graduation or after a breakup, but as life moves on, so will you.

Prepare and excite yourself for the career and love possibilities that still exist out there in your new world beyond college.