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a woman whose ex added them on the co-star app; Elite Daily editor Sarah Ellis

Help! My Ex Just Added Me On Co–Star

During Mercury retrograde, no less.

Q: I've been broken up with my ex for over a decade and he just added me on Co–Star (for at least the second time) — and during Mercury retrograde, no less. Is there a deeper meaning here? How do I get him to leave me alone? — Taylor*

A: Hi Taylor! Is it bad that my first thought was, “Well, at least your ex is on CoStar”? Astrologically-inclined folks tend to be a green flag for me, but this man sounds like he’s probably an exception.

To answer the first part of your question — is there a deeper meaning behind his resurfacing? — I consulted one of the experts and according to astrologer Valerie Mesa, the answer here is yes. “Mercury retrograde is high key to blame for the past coming back around,” she tells Elite Daily. “Retrograde cycles are for revisiting, reassessing, and reevaluating, so exes and unresolved issues tend to resurface more often than not when a planet retrogrades.”

What’s more, this particular Mercury retrograde occurred primarily while the sun was in Aries. This fire sign is ruled by Mars — the planet of action and desire. Mars has been transiting the sign of Pisces since March (stick with me here), which Mesa says spells out exactly why your ex would show up this way.

Pisces energy is not only prone to deception and illusions, but it’s also closely aligned with mysticism and spirituality,” she says. Combine the planet of action with a dreamy, emotional zodiac sign, and you have a recipe for someone from the past reaching out to reconnect. (Thanks, universe.) It feels even more pointed that adding someone on Co–Star reveals your compatibility with them. Is he trying to see how your birth charts interact, a full decade post-breakup?

Unless you have any interest in being in his life again ... there’s no reason to accept his follow request.

As much as I’d love to dissect this man’s motivations, we’ll never truly know what prompted this. But as for the next part of your question — what to do about it — I can be more direct. Unless you have any interest in being in his life again in some way, there’s no reason to accept his follow request. In fact, doing so may only give your ex a reason to reach out on other platforms, too.

The best move to get him to go away is basically no move at all: Just ignore him. If he follows you somewhere else (like a public Instagram, for instance), feel free to hit the block button. It’s Taurus season now, and we don’t have time for pesky exes — it’s a month of setting boundaries and protecting your peace. As my own Co–Star daily horoscope just told me, “Use your energy carefully.”

*Name has been changed.

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