Wesley Salazar


Wesley Salazar is an associate commerce editor working across Bustle Digital Group's brands. She was previously a commerce writer for Bustle Digital Group's lifestyle brands, including Bustle, Romper, Elite Daily, and Mic. Prior to joining Bustle, she was the editor of Brightly, where she produced kids' book-inspired content such as author interviews and essays, book lists, and reviews. She also previously worked as a marketer and publicist for fiction and nonfiction books at Penguin Random House, and she served as an editor at Bushwick Daily, a Brooklyn-based news site. She has a bachelor's degree from Barnard College. When she's not writing and editing, Wesley can be found baking bread, reserving books from her local library (and reading most of them), and fostering dogs in New York City.

Make Your Own Cold Brew With These Super Convenient Cold Brew Coffee Makers

By Wesley Salazar
If you love cold brew, the best cold brew coffee makers can make steeping and serving a cup a whole lot simpler. Cold brew makers commonly range from 16 ounces to 64 ounces in size, but it’s possible to find even larger 128-ounce models if you need…

The 8 Best Cheap String Lights

By Wesley Salazar
A strand of string lights can add a bit of twinkle to any indoor or outdoor setting — without breaking the bank. When shopping for the best cheap string lights, you should know the exact measurements of your space, so you can choose a strand (or…

These Keyboards Are Perfect For Beginners On A Budget

By Wesley Salazar
Acoustic pianos can sound incredible, but they can also be a major financial investment. The best budget keyboard pianos are fantastic alternatives to more expensive instruments. To recreate an acoustic piano experience at home on a budget, opt for…

This $20 High-Pressure Shower Head Has Thousands Of Glowing Reviews

By Wesley Salazar
If your shower has disappointing water pressure, it might be time to snag a new shower head. The best high-pressure shower heads come in fixed and handheld designs, and they contain features and settings that target the water spray in impactful…

Are Your Light Bulbs Keeping You Up? Here Are The Bulbs You Should Be Using

By Wesley Salazar
Light bulbs come in a wide range of styles, wattages, brightness levels, and color temperatures — but no matter the type, the best light bulbs for bedrooms should be warm and gentle on the eyes. Types Of Light Bulbs Gone are the days of…

The Best Hair Dryers For Frizzy Hair Are Designed To Dry Without Causing Damage

By Wesley Salazar
Frizz can be caused by dryness, damage, or disruption to the hair’s outermost layer (aka the cuticle), all of which can be caused by extended exposure to heat. That means, the best hair dryers for frizzy hair need to have a strong motor, adjustable…

The Best Way To Declutter Your Workspace? Get One Of These Desk Organizers ASAP

By Wesley Salazar
It can be so easy to let your desk get cluttered in the chaos of daily life, but the best desk organizers can bring order to your workspace. Staying organized can offer a range of health benefits, including boosting your energy and reducing stress —…

8 Pairs Of Sneakers That Will Keep Your Feet Warm & Cozy All Winter Long

By Wesley Salazar
Everyone likes a cute pair of shoes, but footwear needs can vary based on location, weather, and lifestyle. Even so, the best winter sneakers for women should always be warm, durable, and slip-resistant. Every element of a sneaker’s design can play…

It's Easy To DIY A Salon-Quality Manicure At Home With These 4 Nail Dipping Powder Kits

By Wesley Salazar
Getting a long-lasting manicure usually means a trip to the salon, but the best nail dipping powder kits can help you DIY a durable, cost-effective manicure at home. Dip powder is trending among nail polish enthusiasts for good reason: Unlike…