It's Easy To DIY A Salon-Quality Manicure At Home With These 4 Nail Dipping Powder Kits

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Getting a long-lasting manicure usually means a trip to the salon, but the best nail dipping powder kits can help you DIY a durable, cost-effective manicure at home. Dip powder is trending among nail polish enthusiasts for good reason: Unlike traditional acrylic and gel manicures, dip powder doesn’t require bulky equipment (like a UV or LED light) to set and maintain. Plus, the steps can be relatively easy to master.

But how does nail dipping work? First, you brush a base polish onto a buffed and shaped nail. This acts as a glue when you dip your nail into a pigmented powder to add color. After dipping, you add another coat of base, alternating between adding the base coat and powder until you’ve achieved the desired saturation. Then, lightly buff out any imperfections in the powder layer and file your nails one more time before brushing on an activator coat to cure (or harden) the nail and finishing it off with a glossy top coat. With many dip powder systems, if you follow the directions and treat your nails delicately, you can produce a manicure that lasts several weeks. And removing your manicure just requires some acetone and a file.

When you’re shopping for a nail dipping powder system, make sure to look at which items are included in each kit. Some kits have everything you need to get started, while others require you to buy some components, such as files or buffers, separately. Also make sure you pick a kit with colors you like — dip powders come in a huge range, from clears and pinks to neutral grays to bright reds. Finally, if you’d like to add some extra length to your natural nails, you can choose a dip powder kit that includes tips.

The prices of dipping powder kits can vary widely depending on the brand and how many components are included, but all the kits on this list are cheaper than repeatedly visiting the salon. Here are the best kits available on Amazon to help you give yourself a high-quality dip powder manicure at home:

The Best Overall Nail Dipping Powder Kit

What It Comes With: Base coat, activator coat, top coat, six powders, dust brush, and two replacement brushes

As long as you have a file and buffer at home, Modelones dipping powder starter kit has everything else you need to give dip powder nails a try without breaking the bank. With this set, you'll get a nice mix of colors, including a pink, mauve, and a couple of glittery options. Don't like these hues? Modelones also sells other starter kits in a variety of color sets, including a red and pink one and one with neutral tones like grays.

Reviewers say: “This is my first time trying out dip! And I loved it! Was so easy to use. The instructions are very clear so anyone can understand and it’s great quality. It feels and looks like i went to the nail salon!”

The Best Long-Wear Manicure Nail Dipping Powder Kit (That Comes With Everything You Need)

What It Comes With: Bond coat, base coat, activator coat, base and finish dipping powder, French white dipping powder, sheer pink dipping powder, sealer coat, file, buffer, wooden cuticle pusher, and brush softener

You'll find a ton in this DipWell dipping nail starter kit, and that's partially because the process is a little more involved than that of many other kits. It isn't for the faint of heart (the user manual has a whopping 17 steps), but your hard work will pay off with a manicure that can last up to six weeks without chipping, according to DipWell. If you want to take your manicure to the next level, consider DipWell's even more expansive Pro kit, which includes three additional powders.

In this kit, you'll also find a brush softener to keep your brushes free of clumps, plus some handy tools like a file, buffer, and cuticle pusher. The kit is made and packaged in the USA, and it's cruelty-free.

Reviewers say: “This kit has everything you need to achieve a long lasting perfect dip manicure. I'm going to save SO much money not paying to get them done. The instructions are easy to follow and frankly I was shocking at how easy it is in general.”

The Best Nail Dipping Powder Kit That Comes With Tips

What It Comes With: Base coat, activator coat, one dip powder, 20 white tips, 20 natural tips, dip tray, sponge, nail file, and manicure stick

If you want to add length or shape to your natural nails, you should consider this Kiss Salon Dip set. In addition to 40 artificial tips, you'll get a sheer pink dip powder. It's a budget-friendly option to test out the dip powder process — and it may feel less intimidating because the actual dip part isn’t super pigmented. When you're ready to try a more saturated shade, you can use this kit with other powders, according to reviewers.

Reviewers say: “This is my first time trying out dip! And I loved it! Was so easy to use. The instructions are very clear so anyone can understand and it’s great quality. It feels and looks like i went to the nail salon.”

The Best Nail Dipping Powder Refill Set

What It Comes With: 10 color dip powders

Once you've found a starter kit you like, the Azure Beauty dip powder color set is a great way to expand your collection of tones. This particular set includes 10 basic shades, but there are tons of other colors available such as a glittery collection and a collection of bright colors. Azure Beauty even recommends mixing their different dip powders to create new colors.

You can also buy Azure Beauty's base/top coat and activator coat separately.

Reviewers say: “I’ve been experimenting with different nail application techniques and this dipping set has been the best so far! Very easy to use and the colors are beautiful!”

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