Vanisha Maisuria


Vanisha is a contributing writer for Elite Daily based in Chicago. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in English and journalism and has a love for adventuring and being a foodie.

This Is How I Knew I Was In Love For The First Time

By Vanisha Maisuria
Oh, love. It brings out the best in us, and it can also bring out the worst in us. It's something a lot of us crave, yet are scared to feel. Love is very confusing, to say the least, and what's worse is that it is completely different for everyone,…

I Moved Somewhere New For Work And Then I Quit My Job

By Vanisha Maisuria
Fresh out of college, I was ready not only to move out of my college town for a bit, but to get started on putting my degree to use. Most people dread moving into the adulthood phase, but I just couldn't wait. I was excited to use what I learned to…

Why NBC Had To Cut Ties With Billy Bush To Stand Against Sexual Assault

By Vanisha Maisuria
The Trump bus tape has now become infamous. Just one month out of the general election, this video does not help Trump get closer to the White House in any way whatsoever. Two days before the second presidential debate, a video from 2005 was leaked…

5 Ways Your Morning Coffee Habit Actually Makes You Healthier

By Vanisha Maisuria
Coffee: It's the only thing I actually care about when I wake up every morning. I, for one, am not a morning person at all. The idea of waking up early, getting in a work-out, having breakfast, getting ready and heading to work sounds great in…

4 Reasons You Should Try Cupping To Improve Your Health

By Vanisha Maisuria
The Rio Olympics are finally here. And if you haven't already tuned in, the Rio Games have been focusing on everything from the beautiful city to the athletes and the events. The US dominated in taking the first gold home with Ginny Thrasher winning…

10 Miranda Lambert Quotes That Will Help You Through A Tough Breakup

By Vanisha Maisuria
Breakups. Ugh. The word "break" itself says exactly how I feel about them: Eeeek. They're not the best times of our lives and they're most definitely not something we all like to deal with. But as a part of life, we have to push ourselves to move…

12 Hillary Clinton Quotes That Prove You Shouldn't Pause Your Dreams For Anyone

By Vanisha Maisuria
Women have endured many battles in society in gaining equal rights. From getting the right to vote to being able to enter the workforce, these changes were only possible because of the dreams women had for themselves and for the rest of us. If it…

6 Reasons Chicago Is The Perfect Place For Millennials Fresh Out Of College

By Vanisha Maisuria
After all of those late-night study sessions and endless research papers, you finally did it. You're a college graduate. It's such a great feeling to accomplish a huge goal, and now that undergrad is done, you are ready to move to another city. You…