Michelle Dempsey, MS, CPRW


Michelle Dempsey, M.S., CPRW, is a former teacher-turned-writer, new mama, and lover of life. She is the owner and founder of her business, which offers professional writing services to businesses of all kinds. She is internationally-published and a regular contributor for publications such as Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Creative Child Magazine and her work has been featured in Forbes. Michelle's work spans the gamut - from motherhood to the business world and everywhere in between. Michelle's mission is to keep it real... and kind. Although she cannot do any of the above without a strong cup of coffee.. or three.

How Having A Baby Completely Ruined My Idea Of Marriage

By Michelle Dempsey, MS, CPRW
He used to look at me from across a crowded bar, club or party with eyes that subtlety hinted, “Let’s get out of here.” Now, he looks at me from across the house with eyes that scream, “You could probably use a goddamn shower and a glass of…