Mercedes Leguizamon


Born in Argentina, raised in Miami, and now a Student at the University of Florida. Mercedes loves the beach, french fries, mermaids, and Pina Coladas; virgin, of course. Oh, and gymnastics!

Here's Why Being Clingy Is the Worst Mistake You Can Make in A Relationship

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Everyone knows a person who can't stand to be away from their partner. Maybe that person is you, maybe it's your friend or maybe it's your SO and you hate it it. There are many reasons why people feel it's necessary to be clingy. but being too…

5 Reasons You Should Never Delete Your Instagram In The Middle Of Drama

By Mercedes Leguizamon
The other night, I saw the trending hashtags on Twitter and learned all about the Justin Bieber drama that caused him to delete his Instagram account. He had an argument with Selena Gomez in the comments section of a picture of him and his new bae,…

How My Cousin's Suicide Changed The Way I View Mental Health

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Six months ago, I lost my cousin to suicide. He suffered from depression for about four months before he decided to end his life. This not only affected me in the psychological sense, but it also made me want to get out into my community and learn…

7 Things You Should Never Get Hung Up On In A New Relationship

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Relationships. Everyone wants one, everyone wants to stay away from them. You can't win or lose. No matter how much you love someone, or how much you want to avoid arguments, they cannot be avoided. There are some arguments, however, that can be…

4 Qualities That Stick With You Forever If You Were A Childhood Gymnast

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Like is the case with many others, I had my first encounter with gymnastics when I was very young. In the early 2000s, Nickelodeon would give its stars a chance to talk to the audience about their hobbies. This was the commercial I was watching when…

I Spent A Day In Jail And It Completely Changed My View Of Inmates

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Spartanburg County, South Carolina suffered from one of the worst health rates a couple of years ago. With high pregnancy rates, high crime rates and high poverty rates, the county was headed in what seemed to be a horrible direction. After much…

10 Irrational Thoughts Every Woman Has At The Campus Gynecologist

By Mercedes Leguizamon
Many women in college dread the day they first have to step into the campus gynecologist. Whether it's for free pregnancy tests, STD testing or just a checkup, the idea of having another middle-aged woman inspecting your lady bits is a bit odd. You…