5 Reasons You Should Never Delete Your Instagram In The Middle Of Drama

Alexey Kuzma

The other night, I saw the trending hashtags on Twitter and learned all about the Justin Bieber drama that caused him to delete his Instagram account. He had an argument with Selena Gomez in the comments section of a picture of him and his new bae, Sofia Richie.

We have all gone through things like this and have probably all at least once CONSIDERED deleting our accounts. But who actually goes through with it? Like, maybe one percent, of the millennial population. That's who.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn't delete your Insta over an argument:

1. There's no point -- no one will notice.

If you're deleting your account so that someone will notice and feel sorry for you, the sad truth is that they probably won't. Sorry, not sorry.

I've deleted my Instagram three times to prove a point. No one noticed; I still had friends asking me if I saw that post that they tagged me in the other night. Social media is a very selfish thing.

People only really care about their own account and their own pictures. Yeah sure, sometimes your close friends will fill your comments section with fire emojis and lovestruck faces, but no one really cares if your account is gone. Unless you're Justin Bieber.

2. You are erasing things that made you happy.

Whether it be that picture that you posted with your favorite Olympic athlete, or the picture that you posted because you were so proud of your gym progress, deleting an Instagram account is like getting rid of a scrapbook.

You won't be able to relive the memories that once made you happy because face it: People do not post things that made them unhappy.

3. There's a chance that you won't get followers back.

If you ever do decide to get a new account, many people who didn't realize your account was even gone in the first place may not follow back your new account because they're like “oh, I'm already following this person, so I don't have to follow them again.”

Others may be offended that you unfollowed them in the first place, and won't follow you back to spite you. It's happened to me, so think about this before deleting your account; not all your followers are loyal.

4. There's no going back.

Now, Instagram offers two options: deleting or temporarily deactivating your account. If you choose to delete your account, it's gone forever along with your username.

Instagram cannot help you reactivate your account if it's been deleted. It's like you're killing your Instagram, there's no going back. You will probably, and I say this from personal experience, regret it instantly.

5. You may be judged.

When your friends start asking why you deleted your Insta, an argument that seemed like a HUGE problem to you, will seem very silly to them. They'll say something like, “You seriously deleted your Instagram because he liked another girl's picture?” “Yeah, it was like, a lot more serious than that,” is what you'll say to defend yourself, but in reality you know damn well it wasn't.

It was a stupid reason to delete your account because anything social media related isn't too serious and shouldn't affect you in that manner. Yes, I also understand that what people think of you should not guide how you live your life, but it's kind of embarrassing when you try to explain to someone how serious a situation seemed to you when you later realize it wasn't.

I'm just trying to help you avoid situations like this. You're welcome.

There's several reasons why you shouldn't delete your insta but it does allow room for a fresh start, if you want that. New followers, new pictures, new comments. It's like moving to a new town and starting at a new school.

Maybe that's what Justin was trying to do... start fresh?