Melissa Kravitz

Melissa is a writer based in New York City.

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Caitlyn Jenner Has A New Makeup Line, And The Trans Community Isn't Happy

On Thursday, MAC debuted its second collaboration with Caitlyn Jenner – a collection of lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils, eyeshadows, eye kohl, powder blush and lashes, all emblazoned with "CAITLYN JENNER" on the luxurious black and gold packaging…
By Melissa Kravitz

World's Top Millennial Chefs Reveal Easy Dishes They Make At Home

Think you're too busy to cook? Seriously over-accomplished chefs – the world's best under 30, according to the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition – work six days a week, 15 hours a day at restaurants. They're chopping, slicing and recipe developing,…
By Melissa Kravitz

You Never Have To Stop Eating Instant Ramen – The World's Best Young Chef Says So

A man checking into a four-star hotel with a roll of knives in his suitcase may be cause for alarm in many cases, but not this week. Twenty chefs from 20 regions around the world ventured to Milan along with their mentors, a panel of judges and plen…
By Melissa Kravitz

7 Foods You Need To Try At Austin City Limits Festival This Weekend

In a city known for everything from breakfast tacos to life-changing queso, it should come as no surprise food is a major attraction at Austin City Limits. The annual music festival hits Austin's Zilker Park two consecutive weekends: September 30 - O…
By Melissa Kravitz

Flats Are Finally The New Heels, And New York Fashion Week Proved It

In May, Julia Roberts walked the Cannes red carpet barefoot, slipping on stilettos just before entering the Palais, where her movie would premiere. The pretty woman's shoeless rebellion called back to the year before, when female guests at Cannes wer…
By Melissa Kravitz

Pea Milk Is The New Almond Milk And We Tried It In Everything

Let's face it: like most enjoyable things in 2016, ordering almond milk has become embarrassingly basic. But for those of us not yet ready to embrace the cockroach milk trend, a brand called Ripple just debuted vegan "milk" made from peas at Target s…
By Melissa Kravitz

These Inspiring Pride Parade Photos Prove Love Is Stronger Than Ever

New York City's annual Pride March wound down Fifth Avenue Sunday, celebrating the one-year anniversary of nationwide marriage equality, paying powerful tribute to the victims of Pulse nightclub and celebrating all things LGBTQ. In the wake of the Or…
By Melissa Kravitz

You Only Have 48 Hours To Eat At NYC's Most Instagrammable Restaurant

This ramen is cool for the summer. So cool, in fact, it's only available for two days. Comedy duo the Fung Bros, of YouTube fame, have teamed up with New York City's Ramen Lab by Sun Noodle (70 Kenmare St., Manhattan) – a noodle incubator hosting a l…
By Melissa Kravitz