Top Millennial Chefs Worldwide Reveal Recipes


Think you're too busy to cook?

Seriously over-accomplished chefs – the world's best under 30, according to the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition – work six days a week, 15 hours a day at restaurants.

They're chopping, slicing and recipe developing, only to have one day a week – if they're lucky – to relax.

Oh, and they also have to do laundry and all those other chores adulting requires.

Somehow, on top of it all, they still have time to cook... at least on occasion.

I spoke to some of the best young chefs around the world to get a sneak peak into their home kitchens.

Here's what's cooking:

Gakusei Kaikan, Japan

– Seira Furuya, 27

Paris, France

-- Shintaro Awa, 29, Restaurant Epicure

Copenhagen, Denmark

– Nikolaj Schmidt Skadborg, 29, Restaurant Sletten

Athens, Greece

– Nikolas Billis, 29

-- Olivier Campanha, 36, F+W

Barcelona, Spain

-- David Andrés, 29, ABaC Restaurant

Salach, Germany

-- Matthias Walter, 28, Burgrestaurant Staufeneck

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

– Gregoire Berger, Restaurant Ossiano Fine Dining

Auckland, New Zealand

– Leslie Hottiaux, 29, Apero Food & Wine

New Delhi, India

– Tarun Bhatia, Ek Bar

Calgary, Canada

– Sean MacDonald, MARKET Restaurant

Shanghai, China

– Chang Liu, Jing An Shangri-La Hotel

Los Gatos, California

– Mitch Lienhard, 29, Manresa