Anthony Solis


Anthony was not blessed with enough athletic talent to become a professional athlete. Therefore, he currently attends the Pennsylvania State University, majoring in broadcast journalism covering his one love in life - sports! Oh, and he's gluten-free!

Here's Why New York Baseball Fans Need This Subway Series More Than Ever

By Anthony Solis
The Big Apple has a pair of brothers. Loved by many, hated by more, these brothers share a special love-hate bond only New Yorkers understand. The siblings I speak of are what you could call brothers from another borough. The histories of their…

Why I'm Calling It Now That The Cubs Will Win The 2016 World Series

By Anthony Solis
After a short and mild winter, baseball season is finally upon us. It marks a time when fans welcome new faces to their team, in hopes of reviving dreams of watching their favorite players hoist the Commissioner's Trophy at season's end. But…

From A Yankees Fan, With Love: Why The Mets' Future Makes Me Jealous

By Anthony Solis
The 2015 MLB postseason marked the first time since 2006 that both the New York Yankees and New York Mets were featured in the MLB playoff race. For Yankees fans, there wasn't much to expect much from a team that looked abysmal in the second half of…

CC Sabathia Should Be Treated As A Human, Not As A Baseball Player

By Anthony Solis
On the eve of the Yankees' first playoff appearance since 2012, news broke that the Bronx Bombers would have to chase their 28th World Series without one of their veteran leaders, starting pitcher CC Sabathia. Sadly, the circumstances of this…

Without The Stanley Cup Crown, Henrik Lundqvist Is No King

By Anthony Solis
The last time the New York Rangers hoisted the Stanley Cup as champions of the National Hockey League, I wasn't even born yet. This past Friday, goalie Henrik Lundqvist and the Rangers once again let down the city of New York as they dropped game…

Road To Redemption: A-Rod's Comeback Is Finally Being Appreciated

By Anthony Solis
When hearing the name Alex Rodriguez, it is natural to cringe. It's a name accompanied with arrogance, a trail of lies and a habit of cheating. It has come to be one of the most hated names in sports, one that belongs to the controversial designated…