Zara's Winter Sale Is FINALLY Here With Tons Of Items Under $50 — Here Are The 21 Best Picks

SOPA Images/LightRocket/Getty Images

The day after Christmas 2019 marks the end of one of everyone's favorite seasons and the beginning of arguably an even better season: Zara's 2019 Winter Sale season. The brand is notorious for only dropping around three sales per year (the winter sale, the summer sale, and their Black Friday sale). That said, people rage every time one of these major events rolls around... and for good reason. The discounts are wild.

Zara's Winter 2019 sale means evvvvverything — apart from their new collection — is on sale, and it'll stay like that until supplies run out, which is usually pretty damn quickly. (All the more reason to do your haul now while prime sizing is still available.) In terms of what's actually available and how the sale breaks down price-wise, most items in every category are between 30% and 40% off. That means tons of high-quality coats for under $100 (some even under $50), blazers for as low as $40, dresses for under $30, tops and knits for as low as $16, denim for $30, boots for under $60, and accessories under $20. Don't worry, there are still even more deals — I just got mentally winded.

Here's a prime sampling of the Zara Winter sale's creme de la creme:

Those super cozy, oversized teddy coats you've probably seen everywhere? Yeah, they're just as warm as they look. With a chunk of winter left, go ahead and treat yourself to this cream-colored one.

If you haven't had a blazer moment this year, now's your chance. Pair this one with dress pants for the office or some ripped jeans for a dressed-down night out.

This pleated dress — complete with a wildly trendy pussycat bow — is screaming for a place in your closet.

One thing I love about slip dresses: You can wear them a million different ways. Wear one alone with a leather jacket and combat boots for an effortlessly edgy look, or wear it underneath an oversized sweater to look like you hopped on the oversized-sweater-with-silk-skirt trend.

If all this talk of a silk skirt with an oversized sweater piques your interest, this dress gives off that exact illusion. Just saying.

This basic white turtleneck will go a long way, from underneath a blazer to tucked into your fave mom jeans.

This cropped floral button-up blouse has "get ready to wear me every day this upcoming spring and summer" written all over it if you squint and tilt your head 90 degrees to the right. (OK, but seriously, it's just a really cool shirt, IMO.)

You can never have too many pairs of mom jeans, and that's on period.

I've never met a pair of cropped, straight-leg denim jeans I didn't like, and this pair is no exception.

You've heard of the silk skirt trend. But now, I present to you the pleated skirt trend. With a little less of a form-fitting silhouette and more of a breezy flow, pleated skirts are comfy, chic, and belong in your closet.

Naturally, with so many skirt options to choose from, you need an oversized sweater to wear them all with. Bingo.

If your closet is drowning in black boots, change things up with this tan, split-leather pair. They're still a neutral, so they'll pair perfectly with any — and I mean any — outfit.

Conversely, if you DGAF about how many black boots you own (an equally correct opinion to have), what's one more pair, right? The silver metallic heel on these boots will add a little extra flare to all your outfits.

If 2019 taught us all anything, it's that animal prints like leopard and snakeskin are as much statement-makers as they are neutrals. That said, let these snakeskin boots slither in to your closet to be the center of attention in an all-black or all-white 'fit or the subtle print in a bolder look.

As the proud owner of these sneakers, I have gotten more compliments when I wear them than I ever have on another pair of shoes. They're trendy, they're unique, and, most importantly, they're comfy as hell.

Do you ever see a pair of shoes and think, "Damn, I could marry those if it were legal and I really wanted to"? Those are my exact sentiments on the above pair.

Aside from being absolutely freaking adorable, this purse is both a shoulder bag and a clutch when you unclip the straps. We stand multipurpose items!

This super sleek crossbody is the perfect pick for anyone on the hunt for an easy, no-fuss bag that goes with anything.

These earrings are your fave classic hoops, but stronger. The textured detailing adds just the right amount of visual interest.

Where are my people who love loud AF earrings? If that's you, allow me to interest you in this pair so bright, they're blinding.

I am also the proud owner of many headbands, and believe me when I say this particular headband has gotten me an unbelievable amount of compliments as well. If you're thinking it looks like a tiara, well, you're not wrong. Queens only!!!