Zara's Fall/Winter Sale Has Finally Started, & $30 Jeans, $40 Dresses, & Other HUGE Deals Await


While most people's Christmas shopping begins on Black Friday and ends in a frantic rush a day or two before Christmas, mine doesn't ramp up until the day after Christmas... you know, when I'm ready to immediately drop all the money and gift cards I got on Christmas. This year, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we've got our Christmas-cash eyes on one thing and one thing only: Zara's 2018 fall/winter sale, one of the brand's coveted biannual sales.

Call it a post-Christmas miracle, because Zara's biannual sale happening right now is so extensive, I think I might just buy myself an entire new wardrobe. (I'll just deal with the crippling credit card debt later, right? Right?! Help.) Seriously, there are coats for about 30 percent off. There are jackets for almost 40 percent off. Dresses and shoes for almost 50 percent off. And that's not even it. Pants, tops, sweaters, accessories, and so many more fashion items are marked down — with some discounts in the 70 percent range — and ready for you to add to your cart.

It's a bit unclear when this Zara sale ends; however, historically, Zara's biannual sales have lasted for a good bit (while supplies last, at least). So realistically, you have a few weeks to get your thoughts together and pick strategically. However, when the brand says "while supplies last," they aren't kidding. If you don't hop on this sale soon, it's likely some of your fave items will have sold out. To make your process quicker and smoother, here are some curated picks that you can snag during this sale to get ready for the trendiest new wardrobe you've ever had. You're welcome.

Are You Fur Real?

Remember how, on Christmas 2018, Kris Jenner posted a pic of her holding a suitcase that said "Rich As F*ck"? That's the vibe I'm bringing right into 2019. And it starts with this lush AF coat.

Puff Puff

Whoever said puffer jackets couldn't be cool clearly didn't see this one.

Sequins, Sequins, And More Sequins

Am I too dramatic and deluded if I say there's nothing a dope sequin dress can't fix? Maybe.


Animal print is officially the new black, and I have never lived for a trend more.

Jump In

I'm calling it now: We're all leaving Big D*ck Energy behind in 2018. In 2019, it's time for Big Jumpsuit Energy. Are you ready for that?

You Got Me In Chains

These are the only chains I want to be wrapped up in, TBH.

Cuffing Season

What do we want? PLAID PANTS! How do we want them? WIDE LEG WITH BIG-ASS CUFFS!

It's In My Jeans

Denim trends for next year are all about unexpected designs and being creative. This cropped pick is neutral enough to go with everything, yet unique enough to add a twist to any outfit.

Slither In

Snake print is the new neutral the fashion world never new it needed, and I'm ready to slither right into this midi skirt.

Pretty In Pink

This sweater looks so cozy, I'd let it swallow me whole.

Getting The Boot

I can't tell if these boots are made for walking or slithering, but I plan to do both while wearing them.

Seeing Red

Through the law of sexy red boots that I just made up myself, these babies will instantly make you feel more powerful.

Drop Top High Top

These platforms are bigger than my dreams, and I like it that way.

Don't Bead Around The Bush

If you needed another opportunity to add a bit of sparkly to any look, this beaded crossbody is it.

On The Fringe

Not to be dramatic, but I need this fringe bag like I need air, I think.

Technicolor Dream Bag

The solution to finding a non-neutral accessory that goes with everything? Make it rainbow.

Make It Metallic

Chandelier-style earrings are the trend that is lighting everyone's style game for 2019.

Get Your Head In The Game

I already hate myself for saying this, but beanies are so 2000 and late. We're moving on to better things now — like festive headbands.

Buckle Up

Hot take, but I think belts count as an adult purchase. And now, it's time for you to partake.

Cozy Stripes

Is it acceptable to mix and match animal prints? That was a hypothetical question, because I am 100 percent pairing this zebra scarf with everything I own.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Tortoiseshell is having the biggest moment ever right now and will continue to well in 2019. Even better, these spirals go with everything.

Head to Zara's website to see even more sale items, and #SorryNotSorry in advance to the damage about to be done to your bank account in the process.