The Snakeskin Trend Will Be HUGE This Year, So Let These 17 Picks Slither Into Your Closet

Shoes: Zara; Bag: & Other Stories; Dress: H&M; Pants: ASOS

Let's pause for a second and talk about a trend that has slowly been gaining traction over the years and has now officially taken over the fashion world. The 2019 snakeskin trend (or snake print, should I say — we love animals and don't want their skin!) has slithered its way straight onto the racks and shelves of your favorite clothing stores, and I think it's safe to say this print has staked its claim. It's nested, and I don't think it's going anywhere anytime soon.

This is absolutely great news for both your and my wardrobe for a myriad of reasons. First, this print can easily still be classified as a neutral, for the most part. The typical snakeskin color palette is a mix of greys or browns, meaning it'll pretty much go with anything else you might be wearing. Second, it's a stylish yet efficient way to break up an all-black outfit — something I absolutely default to, not only in the winter, but all the damn time. Third, and this might sound vain of me but IDRC, it's an incredibly chic print that instantly elevates or dresses up any outfit. IMHO, it's hard to go wrong with a snake print.

In addition to allllllll that good stuff, the print works in a variety of mediums, meaning you can seamlessly incorporate it into a look as a dress, top, bottom, shoe, or general accessory. Needless to say, snakeskin is oh-so-versatile. However, if you're a bit hesitant or curious as to what pieces you might want to incorporate into your OOTD — understandable, as it seems we were all just getting comfy with leopard print — I've rounded up some prime snake print items (all faux, of course) below that'll have you sliding into your wallet, so these can slither into your closet. You can thank me later.


This skirt pairs perfectly with any color and any top, whether over a body suit or under a big, cozy sweater.

Slide onto the scene in these statement pants and your favorite going-out top, and you'll attract the most attention.

If the recent biker shorts trend is wrong, I don't want to be right. Add in a snake print, and the look gets even edgier.

Thought all snake prints were grey or brown? Think again. This green snake print adds the perfect pop of color.

What did I just say about color? If you're not afraid to be bold (and you certainly don't have to be!), these yellow snake print pants give off the ultimate fearless, cool-girl vibe.

Faux leather? Check. Snake print? Check. Consider this trendy skirt the prettiest little thing you ever did see.


The perfect neutral, a snake print bodysuit will seamlessly pair with any bottom you could ever imagine.

Just because it's currently winter, doesn't mean you have to cover up your snake print picks in a million layers. Try making one of those layers your print in the first place.

Cropped or not, puffy sleeves were all the rage in 2019. Get in on two trends at once with this pick.

Big Button Up Energy is the only energy I need to carry me into 2019. And this shirt gives off tons of it.


Long live the slip dress trend! This funky, hot-pink, snake print dress can be worn alone or layered as seen on the model above. I need this to slide into my closet ASAP.

If you're not afraid of diving head first into this trend, a long-sleeve, all-over snake print dress is absolutely the way to go.


Pair these easy loafers with an oversized, cozy, cream-colored sweater and black jeans, and I think you just found your new uniform.

These boots were made not just for walking, but for slithering along the streets, looking chic as heck.


If you're not yet sure about incorporating a snake print into your tops and bottoms, a smaller patch on something like a bag is a surefire way to ease into this trend.

Add this corset belt to your LBD, and you'll have created an entirely new look with an entirely new vibe.

If you want to tie a look together with a pretty bow, why not make that bow snake print?