Zac Efron Made A Major Hair Change & The Internet's Feelings Are So Divided

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In case you didn't notice (because I certainly did), lady celebs really did their thing when it came to hair transformations in 2018. Dramatic chops, booty-skimming extensions, fierce wigs, and and bold dye jobs were practically a dime a dozen — meanwhile, male celebs didn't do squat. Apparently, the boys are back in town, and if Zac Efron's new platinum blonde hair is any indication, they'll be stepping things up in 2019. Seriously, Efron always looks amazing, but this new platinum blonde just feels so right. I imagine it's what Troy Bolton always wanted for his future self.

When I made the claim that winter white hair, as seen on Khloe Kardashian, Hilary Duff, and other white-hot celebs, was the color trend of the season, I had no idea Efron would read my article and become inspired, but apparently, he did. OK, he probably didn't read my article, but he did decide to get his head of hair in the game and go platinum. And honey, between you and me, he's never looked better. Sharpay's brother, Ryan, is shook, let me tell you.

In case you haven't Instagram stalked him in a while (can't relate), here's Efron's natural brown hair:

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Swoon. And if you need a refresh on his swoopy, dreamy High School Musical hairdo, here he is back in

Brad Barket/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Oh, to be young again. Baby Zac's hair had some serious golden highlights, but still nothing near pure blonde.

So when he posted this casual climbing pic on the 'Gram, his fans were taken aback by the light locks tucked beneath his beanie:

Hi, Zac? If you're reading this (because apparently you read my articles), I'm going to need about a thousand more photos of this new hair, preferably selfies, and even more preferably in your Wildcats uniform. I'm just trying to imagine what a bleach blonde Troy Bolton would look like, and using my imagination is hard. BTW, I'm really loving the whole dark beard/light hair combo. Also, please be safe while climbing, I don't want your new hair to shock other climbers and put them at risk.

For once, Twitter users had some kind words:

But apparently, not everyone was thrilled to see their childhood crush make such a major change:

Some even used his own likeness against him to express their dislike:

Harsh. I honestly think he looks fantastic — but regardless, it's just fun to see him make a major change like this. I need more heartthrob male celebs to hit me with dramatic hair updates in 2019; the girls did all the heavy lifting in 2018, after all. Nick Jonas, time to grow back your curls and dye them pastel pink or lilac. Drake, I'm gonna need a mohawk, or a fauxhawk at the very least. Justin Bieber...actually, you've done a lot in terms of hair changes, so you're good. That said, I can't wait to see more of Efron's newly platinum locks, and I hope he sticks to his new look well into the new year.