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Beware, Because Your Oct. 12 Weekly Horoscope Is All About Mercury Retrograde

The sun is in Libra, the cardinal air sign famed for its proclivity for balance, harmony, cooperation, and peace. However, the up-and-down astrology as of late is proof that Libra is an incredibly multidimensional zodiac sign that can't be boxed into being nothing but zen-like. Although your October 12, 2020 weekly horoscope starts off on a positive and compassionate note, it quickly reverts back to the emotional rollercoaster ride the year 2020 is all cracked up to be.

Although Mars retrograde has been intensifying conflict and frustration, you're receiving a boost of compassion and universal love when expansive Jupiter forms a sextile with spiritual Neptune on Oct. 12. No matter what ego trips you've been tangled in, or resentments you've been holding, this transit will help you set it aside. And when Mercury — planet of communication — forms a sextile with beautiful and romantic Venus on Oct. 12, you'll feel inspired to socialize and admire the finer things in life. Why get so hung up on the negatives?

However, the retrograde drama is coming at you fast. When the sun opposes Mars retrograde on Oct. 13, you may feel a tug on your insecurities and a desire to prove yourself. You may let failures and mistakes bring you down during this time, but your self-consciousness may defeat you before you've even started. You can choose to let these difficult moments make you stronger or you can allow them to define you. Accept the challenge that is inherent to the road to success instead of expecting an easy ride. When Mercury retrograde in deep, intuitive, obsessive, and truth-seeking Scorpio begins on Oct. 13, you may find yourself dragged into hangups from your past and darker conversations that you really have no business getting involved in. Danger may seem especially tantalizing during this time, so try to think about the consequences to your choices.

Complications aside, this could also be an incredibly transformative week, which sounds a lot better than it looks. Something may reach its boiling point — or come to an end — when the sun squares off with Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — on Oct. 15. Pluto has the tendency to bring you to a rock bottom moment, forcing you to finally change for the better. When a motivating new moon in Libra lands on Oct. 16, it will encourage you to embrace your higher self and decide, once and for all, that you're going to achieve your dreams. This new moon forms an intense trine with the North Node — aka your ultimate destiny — so prepare to understand, on a much deeper level, the way you're destined for greatness.



You're approaching a moment in your life where you can't settle for stagnant and uninspiring relationships. It's time to rejuvenate your perception of what forges a successful connection. Prepare to understand whether your relationships are truly made out of the stuff that's build to last. Are you able to be as intimate as you can possibly be? Do you trust them with your whole heart?


It's time to rethink your priorities and truly set aside time and energy for what matters. Have you been distracting yourself from true self-care? Convincing yourself to focus on responsibilities that don't have meaning in the long run? Redirect your concerns. An old relationship or relationship dilemma may return to the forefront, pushing you to finally settle the score once and for all.


Are you truly getting the most out of life? Or are you talking yourself out of experiencing the joy you deserve? You're burning with a desire to express yourself, so express yourself honestly and emphatically. Don't hold back. You may feel especially disorganized and mentally cluttered, so rethink the way you've been keeping track of your progress and grounding yourself in the here and now.


Do you feel truly anchored in this vast and expansive universe? Do you have a place where you can be your honest self and feel safe? This week is all about getting emotionally settled, because you deserve to feel comfortable in your sacred space. You may struggle to feel inspired this week, pushing you to look elsewhere for inspiration. These difficult moments are all a part of the creative process.



This week, you should seek the truth and expand your awareness as well as your social circle. You're being pushed to learn enlightening new things and learn from the people you connect with. Communicate with your higher self in mind and speak with integrity, especially if older emotional conflicts resurface and problems at home return. It's time to finally talk about what's been weighing on your heart.


What reality would you like to live in? What world would you like to build? No matter how unsteady and unstable your world may feel right now, you can create the foundation you desire step by step. Let patience guide the way and the promise of reward keep you persistent. Make sure you think twice before you take action and before you speak, as you're especially susceptible to making errors this week.


This week, you're taking a step toward your future; toward becoming the person you were always meant to become. This may not feel easy; in fact, you may feel like clinging onto the past. But you need to trust what comes next, because it's filled with promise. You may feel as though you're being forced to make a decision whether to sever ties with something important to you. Trust your heart.


This week is all about letting go and forgiving yourself and the world around you. Forgiveness is not necessarily about forgetting what happened; it's about making the decision not to let it take up space in your heart anymore. You're ready to get this weight off your chest. Be kind to yourself, because you may feel confused about your purpose at the moment. There's no need to have all the answers right now.



This week, your wishes and dreams are coming into focus. They're not just things you're hoping for; they're things you're taking active steps toward realizing. However, your fear may settle in eventually, attempting to redirect your focus away from fulfilling your potential. Remind yourself that you are stronger than your fear, because you are. You're learning how to work in spite of these fears.


You're understanding what image you'd like to put forward and the energy you'd like to radiate. You're recognizing that you have to live, breathe, and adhere to being the type of person who gets things done. Growing up doesn't have to be a pain, as it can also be incredibly empowering. This week, make a point of surrounding yourself with people who want to grow up with you.


You may have always thought you wanted something, and yet when you finally achieve it, you realize it's not what you thought it would be. Remain open to different paths and opportunities, because chances are, something unexpected will land in your lap, handing you the missing puzzle piece you've been waiting for. Let your dreams find you instead of going out of your way to find them.


You're inching closer and closer toward making a deeper commitment to yourself. You're realizing that in order to make something that lasts, it requires consistency and diligence. You can't go back and forth on something and expect it to produce results. Same goes for relationships. You can always start over, but you can never make up for all the time you lose overthinking every move.