Take Advantage Of The Energy In Your November New Moon Horoscope

There's no better time to start a project and map out your goals than the new moon. This moment of the lunar cycle is when the moon is hidden beneath a shadow and the darkness acts as a blank slate upon which you can write your dreams. As the moon waxes and grows, your intentions gain strength and your goal begins to take shape, and by the full moon, a conclusion will be reached and your achievement will be ready for harvest. Your November 2020 new moon horoscope is here and it describes exactly what you should focus on when it takes place on Nov. 15 at 12:07 a.m. EST.

This new moon rises in deep, transformative, and motivated Scorpio and its energy should be taken advantage of. If you like tailoring your spiritual rituals to the lunar cycle, then take advantage of what this new moon offers. After all, it's the last new moon before eclipse season begins, and eclipse season is far too volatile and unpredictable for rituals. Eclipse season is when fate intervenes and your plans can embrace major shifts according to your destiny. But more on that later.

This new moon is bolstered by powerful energy and the experience will even feel soothing to your soul. Forming a helpful sextile with Pluto (planet of rebirth), Jupiter (planet of expansion), and Saturn (planet of long-term commitment), the energy of this new moon is heavy and serious, helping you tackle your goals like your life depends on it. As it forms a trine with spiritual and compassionate Neptune, this new moon will also help you connect with your soul purpose and let go of your ego throughout the process.

Here's what you can expect during the new moon in Scorpio, based on your sun and rising sign:



It's time to think of how you're spending your energy and investing your heart. Now is when you should begin the process of parting ways with what has long been weighing you down. Create something new in its place and don't be afraid of investing in something new. A new commitment will reward you down the line.


Take a look at your relationships and ask yourself whether they're functioning the way you would like them to. How can you improve yourself as a partner? How can you ask for what you need from a partner in return? Now's not the time to settle for an underwhelming partnership, but wait for the right person to come along.


Instead of fantasizing about how you'd feel if you kept up with positive habits, start planting the seeds for these habits to take shape in your daily life. It's a beautiful time for a new fitness or health regimen or simply settling a work-life balance that works much better for you. Watch how baby steps turn into leaps.


The world is a playground in so many ways. Are you giving yourself permission to play in it? Ask yourself whether you're living your life to the fullest and how you can incorporate more creative activities and artistic hobbies into your world. Your heart is yearning for a much purer expression of joy and romance.



You deserve to feel comfortable, cozy, and nurtured in your own sacred corner of the universe. Time to organize your living space, redesign, or simply return to your roots and spend time with family. The world can wait, because your personal life is vying for your attention. Give yourself a chance to remember where you come from.


What do you want to say? What do you want to learn? You're a constant work in progress and this new moon wants you to fill your brain with knowledge, keep yourself busy, and speak your mind when it calls for it. Make a commitment to the way you honor and replenish the part of your brain that wants to be intellectually stimulated.


How much money do you know you deserve to be making? Now's the time to set financial goals, plan to ask for that raise, and save up for that purchase you've been lusting after. By carefully building a stable foundation from the ground up, you will later be able to take so many more exciting risks.


No matter how much you think you know yourself, you're constantly evolving, especially lately. The person you're becoming might be totally different than the person you've been and that's OK. In fact, that's more than OK, because it means you're learning new things, experiencing life, and making interesting decisions. Embrace the new you.



This new moon is a lot more about letting go than it is about starting something new. You're clearing the way for something new to begin by healing past wounds, letting go of your guilt, and forgiving yourself and others. There are so many painful things you don't have to carry anymore and this new moon is liberating you from the weight.


What kind of mark do you want to leave on the world? How can your goals make the world a better place? Think of how your plans will impact others. Is the future you seek a future that benefits everyone in your community? By incorporating a philanthropic mindset into the game plan, you're making it that much more rewarding.


Tap into your inner boss and take charge, because no one is ever going to simply hand you the success you desire. You have to fight hard for it. Now's the time to speak your wins into existence and do what it takes to put your name out there and prove your worth to those in your field. You've got what it takes to have a powerful career.


Take a step out of your normal, typical perspective and open your heart to something culturally enlightening. Your mind is yearning to be expanded, so embrace new philosophies, listen to what other thinkers have to say, and set sail when adventure calls for it. It's time to explore so many enriching new experiences.