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Your November 16 Weekly Horoscope Goes Out With A Dramatic Bang


You've been immersed in the dark, intoxicating waters of Scorpio season for the past few weeks. This season has been about digging deep into the confines of your soul and staring unflinchingly into the abyss of truth. However, this season is nearing its end, so absorb its transformative powers while you can. Your November 16, 2020 weekly horoscope may be full of endings, but it's also full of beginnings, because in true Scorpionic fashion, this chapter will close with a dramatic flourish.

The beginning of the week contains a burst of desire, thrills, and surprises. Venus — planet of love and beauty — is also spending its last week in Libra. In Libra, Venus feels comfortable, as if it were wearing a cashmere sweater. On Nov. 16, Venus will join forces with expansive and hungry Jupiter, deepening your wanting, titillating your senses, and encouraging you to indulge. The excitement doesn't stop there either, because on Nov. 15, brainiac Mercury — while in emotional and penetrating Scorpio — will oppose unpredictable Uranus, encouraging innovative ideas, sudden rushes of insight, and conversations that take you to strange, uncharted territory.

However, the overarching, up-in-the-air energy will shift by Nov. 19. Venus will form a square with imposing and inhibiting Saturn, making it difficult to strike an emotional connection. This transit could be a sobering experience, reminding you of your limitations in love and revealing the flaws in your relationships that need to be dealt with. It's time to prove just how much you want something (or someone) by putting in the work and showing up. With the sun forming a sextile with stabilizing Saturn on the same day, you're starting with a solid foundation.

By Nov. 21, you'll say your goodbyes to Scorpio season. However, you'll still find yourself embracing Scorpio in a new way. Venus will leave behind Libra and slip into this fixed water sign, intensifying your longing for intimacy, emotional connection, and belonging. Set superficial flirtations aside and replace it with raw, unrefined passion. The sun will also enters adventurous, open-minded, philosophical, spontaneous, and adrenaline-chasing Sagittarius. This is a season about the journey rather than the destination, so take as many detours as your heart desires.



You may not be seeing eye to eye with someone and it could be causing you great pain. It's time to think about whether these differences can be reconciled, because you deserve more than feeling misunderstood if it's not a good match. Regardless of what happens, you're on the brink of a whole new world. Don't let fresh opportunities pass you by, because one of them could make all the difference.


You may feel as though there are not enough hours in a day; as though, no matter what happens, something always gets in the way of your priorities. But here's the thing: You set your priorities, not the other way around. Fight harder for your boundaries. You're approaching a powerful moment of transformation, so work on letting go of bad habits and replacing them with positive ones.


Are your creative juices running dry? Are you struggling to find a healthy balance between "totally inspired" and "totally blocked"? Believe it or not, inspiration doesn't always land in your lap like a fallen star. Sometimes, you have to go searching through the dark for the stars all by yourself. Once you realize that, you'll never have to wait around for the muse to drop an idea in your beautiful brain again.


You might feel far away from where you come from lately. Perhaps you've changed a lot since you left home. Maybe home has changed in and of itself. All this means is that you're reconfiguring your roots. When a tree grows, its roots have the power to lift up slabs of concrete and wreck the streets. But the tree doesn't apologize for it. You don't have to apologize for honoring your growth either.



You may feel as though nobody is listening to you when you speak. Perhaps people are ignoring you, or maybe you're letting fear get in the way of your ability to truly be honest about your feelings. Either way, you have two choices: let your voice grow smaller or let it grow bitter. Being the roaring Leo that you are, you know which choice you have to make. Don't apologize for the way you take up space.


You're a practical zodiac sign who believes in the power of hard work. However, no matter how much effort you put into something, there's a chance that it will still crumble to pieces. That will always be a risk you take, and yet, that doesn't mean you should work any less hard. Life is all about picking up the pieces and creating something even more beautiful than before. This week, make a mosaic out of the brokenness.


This week, you might be worrying a lot about what other people think. In fact, you could be overthinking every little move you make and concerning yourself with the way you're being perceived. Luckily, no one is paying attention as much as you think they are. Instead of wondering what everyone else thinks, ask yourself what you think. Ask yourself who you are when absolutely no one is watching.


This week, what you're dealing with is stress, anxiety, anger, frustration, and everything that has to do with your ego being irritated. All of these emotions are valid, but you may need to rebuild your aura and your spiritual shield so that your peace isn't being so easily rocked. Concentrate on spiritually rejuvenating activities and grounding rituals, because your spirit needs to feel safe where it lies.



You pride yourself in being fearlessly unique; someone who isn't afraid of going against the grain. However, this can also leave you feeling misunderstood and lonely, because it's easy to feel like no one truly "gets" you. Don't waste time pushing people to fit you or pushing yourself to fit them. In reality, no one ever "fits" anywhere. Everyone is uniquely shaped and getting tangled in each other.


You may be realizing just how far you have to go until you can make your career goals a reality. The journey ahead could leave you wondering if it's even worth it; if the failure is worth the risk. Nothing ever worth accomplishing is easy. If you truly want to make yourself proud, it's time to put more effort into your future rather than less; even if it terrifies you. Beautiful things should terrify you.


You want to see the universe, experience new things, taste all the spices the world has to offer, and yet, it's not always that simply. There may be something getting in the way of your lofty plans, making you feel like you're stuck here forever. Since the ball may be rolling right now, let your imagination take you far. Let your dreams and plans run wild. You'll have a whole itinerary set when things are finally ready.


You crave an emotional bond that transports you to other universes; a bond that makes you feel as though you're the only two people in the world. However, there could be more awkwardness and misunderstandings than fiery, all-consuming connections. This is your chance to rethink the bar you've set and give these emotions a chance to build on their own. True love cannot be faked.