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There's So Much Happening In Your May 4 Weekly Horoscope


Prepare for your imagination to overwhelm your universe with color and creativity. However, if you're starting off the week feeling as though you can't differentiate your dreams from reality, there's a cosmic explanation for that. Venus — planet of love and beauty — has been squaring off with dreamy and illusive Neptune since May 3, skewing your ability to understand what's fact and what's fiction. If you're feeling a little bit irrational, try to avoid making major judgment calls until later, because no one's seeing clearly right now. Your May 4, 2020 weekly horoscope is a rollercoaster ride that's just beginning, so buckle up.

With a full moon in Scorpio taking place on May 7 at 6:45 a.m. ET, I'd be lying if I said this week would be nothing but smooth sailing. Then again, I can't deny the excitement you're in for either. Scorpio is a fixed water sign that desires passion, intensity, and above all, intimacy. This full moon will push you to merge with those you love most, to share your resources and become one. You might also find that after this full moon, your world feels somewhat different than it did before. That's because Scorpio is the zodiac sign of transformation, and a full moon in such a sign will encourage you to let go of something no longer serving you to create space for something that does. However, the phoenix must die before it can rise from the ashes, so if this full moon feels painful, that's because you're preparing for a far more powerful new beginning.

Luckily, there are so many planets supporting you as you make your transition into this next phase of growth. By May 10, brainy and communicative Mercury will form a harmonious trine with Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — as well as Jupiter — planet of philosophy and spontaneity — encouraging you to dig deep within. Find the courage to break through your inhibitions and expand your strength in ways you never have before. Don't be afraid of crossing into unknown territory, because you're definitely ready for something new. As the sun later forms a sextile with Neptune — planet of empathy, spirituality, and creativity — you're feeling connected to your soul's purpose. You're also being inundated with brilliant visions and artistic ideas. There's a certain magic radiating throughout the air, and even if you don't usually believe in magic, you will this week.



Take everything with a grain of salt this week. You may find yourself falling for pretty words, so make sure they can be supported by concrete action. You may also be realizing you're having a hard time letting go of something that's no longer healthy for you. Prioritize your wellbeing above everything, even if it goes against your innermost desires.


You may be thinking that spending money or making a purchase will solve all your problems. However, luxurious items can't fill this void. Only you can. Remember that you're already right where you're supposed to be. A relationship is coming into focus this week, helping you understand whether this partnership is meant to be. Ask yourself if you needs are truly being met.


You might have a hard time seeing yourself clearly this week. Self-love is so much more powerful than feelings of insecurity. Remind yourself of all the reasons why you're awesome. It will help make the difficult thoughts go away. You're learning that your mental health is directly connected to your habits. Practice positive habits that make you feel stronger and lighter.


Your imagination may run wild this week. If there's something painful on your mind, expressing it to someone you trust will help you work through it. Chances are, this anxiety is all in your head. Harness all this excess energy by doing something creative. You'll be surprised by just how brilliant your imagination can be when you're focusing on something proactive.



You may find yourself questioning your place in the world this week, as though you've been working towards all the wrong things. There's no way of knowing what the future holds, and chances are, there's a very serendipitous opportunity awaiting you at the end of it all. Set aside those thoughts and take care of personal matters this week instead. Your heart needs your attention.


You may feel afraid of putting yourself out there this week, as though you're opening yourself up to judgment you're not ready to receive. Remember, no one understands what you've been through more than you. Base your self-worth on no one's opinion but your own. It may be time to finally stand up for yourself. No one will know how you feel unless you cop to it.


You might find yourself daydreaming of the past and focusing too much on a future that is not certain. Nothing about this mentality is productive, so remind yourself of everything you're grateful to have right here and right now. In fact, you might experience a revelation about what you truly need in order to be happy. It might be different than what you've always thought.


You might find yourself overreacting about things that should be insignificant. However, these overreactions are merely symbolic of a problem that lies deeper. Get to know yourself this week, because you're not feeling the way you do for no reason. Your emotions are a roadmap to the person you truly are. Embrace the fact that you're a constant work in progress.



You may be romanticizing a person, setting yourself up for disappointment when you realize they're not perfect. Try to give yourself time to get to know this person before making up your mind about them. Chances are, you don't know the whole story. In fact, these feelings are a reflection of you more than they are of them. Let them be a roadmap to what lies under the surface.


You may feel all over the map this week, as though you can't get organized. Pressuring yourself to follow the rules perfectly will only leave you feeling like a failure, so treat every little accomplishment like a success. Sometimes, you need a little encouragement. You're realizing who brings out the best in you and who does the opposite. Make space for the friends who are in sync with you.


The things that usually bring you joy may feel out of reach this week. Even though it might make you feel disconnected to yourself, this is an opportunity to explore something new. Your interests are growing and expanding. In fact, you might be having a revelation about your career and where you're headed next. Be open to a path you weren't expecting to take.


You may find that familiar territory feels a bit unfamiliar this week. However, this disoriented feeling is only temporary, so do whatever you need to do to soothe your discomfort in the meantime. Take your time as your process these shifts. Change is scary, but it's also an adventure. You may be realizing that you've outgrown your perspective of life, pushing you to discover a new one.