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Your Super Flower Moon Horoscope Proves Just How Powerful You Truly Are

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Even though you probably don't believe in werewolves, I'm sure there's a small part of you that could have sworn they heard the sounds of them howling at the full moon. That's because this phase of the lunar cycle radiates an undeniable magic throughout the night sky, encouraging you to believe in the impossible. After all, the moon rules over your subconscious, your inner feelings, and your emotions. When it's at its boldest and brightest state, it's as though your dreams are bleeding into real life. If you're feeling enchanted already, then your May 2020 full moon horoscope will only keep the enchantment going.

Rising at 6:45 a.m. ET on May 7, this full Super Flower Moon takes place in none other than dark, mysterious, and transformative Scorpio. I bet the word "Scorpio" is enough to make your hair stand on end, right? This zodiac sign has quite the reputation for bringing the drama, intensity, and sexiness, because Scorpio isn't interested in keeping things light-hearted or pleasant; it strives to investigate the deepest and darkest depths of a situation. There's nothing fake about Scorpio. If you think you can't handle the truth, then Scorpio will remind you that the truth will always set you free.

When I say this Scorpio full Flower Moon will be magical, I'm not messing around. Forming a trine to empathetic and transcendent Neptune, this full moon has quite the spiritual aura surrounding it. This is a beautiful time to tap into your imagination and open your heart to deeper connections. However, make sure to keep one foot on the ground, because as Venus — planet of love — squares off with Neptune, you might want to escape from your reality altogether.

Every zodiac sign will be affected by this lunation in their own special way. Here's how it will affect yours:



You're ready to embrace a transformation in your life, but first, you need to let go of whatever is holding you back. It may be uncomfortable at first, but you know what's best for you. Trust in everything your highest self is capable of. Your strength goes deeper than you think.


Reconsider the boundaries you've set for yourself. What you are allowing yourself to receive may be far less than what you actually deserve. Be open to cooperate with others as you set the terms for your relationships. However, your partner should never infringe on your true needs.


Self-care is more than treating yourself to your desires when you're feeling down. It's about committing to a lifestyle that brings out the best in you. Rethink your daily routine and the way you stay productive. Striking a balance between work and play will bring you the ease you're looking for.


Set aside your judgments, your criticisms, and your need for perfection. All of that can wait until later. For now, allow creativity and romance to flow from you uninhibited. Focus on the present moment. Embrace your heart and everything it needs. Your inner child is coming alive.



Before you can achieve your goals and gain the notoriety you desire, you must have a solid foundation from which you can grow. Accept the changes that must be made in your personal life. If you keep avoiding the problems at home, they'll continue to pull the rug from underneath you.


Whether it's shyness holding you back or your introverted nature, now's the time to speak your mind and forge connections with others. Exchanging your thoughts with others will bring you the inspiration you desire. It will also open the doors to new opportunities that take you to the top.


It's time to recognize none of the negative beliefs you have about yourself are true. Give yourself a break and acknowledge all your beautiful qualities and many talents. There's something you have that nobody else has. That alone makes you enough just as you are. Start believing it.


You're learning so much about what you choose to define you. The person you've been has so little to do with the person you're becoming. Find the courage to go against the expectations the world may have of you and follow your instinct instead. Your first priority should always be yourself.



There is a side of you no one else every sees and you're learning how to take care of this side of you. Intense thoughts and feelings may be surfacing, encouraging you to get to know your deepest self and heal wounds that never got the chance to. Let your intuition lead the way.


You're coming to the realization that your actions truly have consequences. Let your mark on the world be a positive one, because your impact is especially powerful at this time. You could lead a movement if you want to. Remember that you should always be the change you wish to see.


It's as if there's a bright light shining upon your heart and the world is seeing you as you truly are. Don't be afraid of putting yourself out there, because the world doesn't want perfection; it wants authenticity. Believe in your work. You're learning something very valuable about it right now.


Give yourself the freedom to explore. There's no need to have a set destination in mind. The journey is all that matters at the moment. Opening your mind to new concepts and cultures will expand your horizons beyond your wildest dreams. However, you must first let go of your need for control.

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