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You Have So Much To Look Forward To In Your March 9 Weekly Horoscope


It's as if you've just barely survived a long, uphill battle, and now, you get to finally enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. The past few weeks have been confusing, inconvenient, and messy, but things are starting to turn around. You have so much to look forward to in your March 9, 2020 weekly horoscope, so don't give up just yet.

The week begins with an energetic bang. A full moon in Virgo takes place at 1:48 p.m. ET on March 9, turning up the emotional intensity, evoking twists and turns, and granting you revelations about your life and the world you live in. Virgo is a practical, detail-oriented, and rational zodiac sign, encouraging you to consider your reality through a logical lens. This full moon — which also happens to be a supermoon — packs a powerful punch, as it forms a trine to passionate Mars, optimistic Jupiter, and ambitious Pluto. You can use this full moon to really tackle your goals, inject enthusiasm into your projects, and stoke the fire of your inspiration. While it opposes dreamy Neptune, this supermoon will also encourage creativity and soul-searching. However, all full moons are rife with emotional intensity, so ride this wave until you safely reach the shore.

Later that very same day, Mercury retrograde will finally come to an end (at 10:59 p.m. ET, to be exact). That means the brunt of the bewilderment and disorganization is officially over (for now). With Mercury stationing direct, you'll find that it'll be easier to start new tasks and picture the future. This makes it the perfect week to get your house back in order, so start writing those to-do lists, making plans, and being more proactive. While you're still dealing with the post-retrograde shadow for the next couple of weeks, you'll definitely be able to see things with more clarity.

The cosmos are continuing this positive trend throughout the remainder of the week. On March 11, the sun will form a sextile to expansive and adventurous Jupiter, instilling a hunger for life within you. Let this hunger encourage you to learn more, try new things, and open your mind to foreign concepts. By March 14, you'll experience a creative reawakening when go-getter Mars connects with artistic Neptune and the sun connects with transformative Pluto. You can make a huge impact by embracing your inner child, tapping into your spirituality, and giving yourself the freedom to color outside the lines. Work doesn't always have to feel like work. This week, it could feel more like excitement.



Going after your goals doesn't always have to mean "winning" or proving outward success to the rest of the world. This week, try seeing your success as something sacred and deeply personal to you. Winning is a high that wears off. Think about how you can grow as a human being and learn from your mistakes. Knowing you're becoming a better person is the real success.


If you continue to reject opportunities to meet new people and expand your social circle, you may eventually find yourself feeling isolated. Give spontaneous opportunities a chance this week, because there are so many beautiful friends you have yet to make. Stubbornly clinging onto your usual routine limits your possibilities. Open your heart to someone who wants to know you.


This week, try to focus more on your long-term goals rather than what everyone thinks. The world will naturally take notice of you as long as you are staying true to yourself. Even if certain people don't agree with what you're doing, the right people will find you and appreciate everything you care about. There's no need to pander to those who don't understand you.


Let the perspectives of others have an impact on you this week. Open your mind and try to put yourself in someone else's shoes. You might just have a revelation that changes everything. Someone else's insight could inspire you in an unexpected way. Allow your mind to be molded, because you know you don't have all the answers. Recognize that you're a work in progress.



This week, you are being called to let go of what no longer serves you. While there will always be something bittersweet about saying goodbye to your past, knowing that you're taking positive steps toward your own self-empowerment will fill you with the confidence you've been craving. You have the strength to do the right thing. Trust yourself enough to turn the page.


You're peeling back the deeper layers of yourself this week. While this can leave you feeling raw and vulnerable, you are also in a position to present your truest self to those closest to you. To deepen your relationship, you must let your guard down, a let go of your need for control. It's when you let go of reins that the magic really happens. Believe it or not, you are already enough.


You're learning how to turn monotonous, boring tasks into something far more enjoyable. It all comes down to your attitude and the way you perceive your workload. Try injecting your schedule and work environment with a little excitement and whimsy. This week is also a beautiful time to heal your home environment. Indulge in some comfort and redesigning.


Creativity is bursting from within you, so make your artistic inclinations a top priority on your list. It's not every day that you're being inspired to the level that you are. This is not about getting it perfect on the first try. Make a mess and enjoy the process of self-expression. When you were a kid, you weren't concerned with perfection, you were just trying to have fun.



Your attention is turning toward your roots and the way you balance your private life with your public life. Don't spread yourself thin, but work on striking a balance between your internal needs and your career needs. You can only get so far if your home environment needs work. This week, spend time healing your familial relationships and creating a sacred space.


You may be used to keeping your mouth shut and getting the job done, but this week, you should practice being more honest with others and with yourself. You can only hold onto so much on your own before it becomes too much to bear and you don't have to bear it all alone. Communication is a key factor in sorting through issues and making sure everyone's on the same page.


This week, you're coming to terms with what you have and what you don't. If anything, it's time to learn that your sense of self cannot rely on things that are out of your control. Concentrate on what you can control this week, because the universe may be testing your flexibility. Set aside time for spiritual exploration and rest. It's up to you how much power you give your ego.


You are learning that you're allowed to be many different people this week. Never let anyone put you in a box or tell you that you're out of your league. You are full of so many multitudes and you're just beginning to understand what you're capable of. Reach out and lead your community by setting an example. This week, you are the string that ties everyone together.