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Your March 2 Weekly Horoscope Is Full Of Fantasy


There's nothing like a fantasy to help you escape from reality and transport you somewhere far more beautiful. However, the deeper you reach into the realm of make believe, the harder it is to remember what's real and what's not. Let this be your warning, because your March 2, 2020 weekly horoscope is full of foggy vision and wishful thinking.

Venus — planet of love and money — squares off with serious and disciplinary Saturn on March 3, revealing the unstable foundations of your life. The glaring, unavoidable issues in your relationships may be unveiled, providing you with an opportunity to make it or break it. This transit will also show you the flaws in your work ethic, highlighting your habits. If you've been procrastinating, doing lazy work, and not living up to your potential, then you might feel even more critical of yourself than usual. Just remember that putting yourself down gets you nowhere. Instead, learn from your mistakes and try to do better in the future.

In spite of everything, this horoscope does contain some good news, because this happens to be the last week of Mercury retrograde. However, don't let that information go to your head, because you're not out of the woods just yet. On March 4, Mercury — planet of communication — will re-enter Aquarius, taking you on a tour back in time. It's likely that certain issues you dealt with in the in the past few weeks will crop up once again, reminding you that there are loose ends that need to be tied. If you feel as though you're stopping and starting, or moving backward rather than forward, it may be time to give it a rest. Sometimes, the best course of action is to let things sit until they naturally become clearer.

Luckily, there's plenty of positive energy to look forward to, especially when Venus enters its home sign of Taurus on March 4. When Venus is in Taurus, Venus is happy. It's a time of beauty, sensuality, comfort, and indulgence. Let Venus in Taurus be your excuse to eat delicious food, satisfy your desires, fall in love, get a massage, take a trip to the salon, or anything that makes you feel more alive in your own skin. This energy will also ground you and bring you back down to earth, which is something that will be immensely alleviating to all the confusion of Pisces season.

Speaking of confusion, the sun will join forces with dreamy, mystical, and transcendent Neptune on March 8, bending your perspective of reality. While this transit creates the perfect conditions for creativity, spiritual exploration, and compassionate connection, it's also a time rife with spaced out thinking. Try not to let anything important slip under the radar. However, the kindness of Neptune will certainly help you make some new friends, especially as Venus forms a conjunction with Uranus that very same day. This encourages inspiring social connections and the meeting of eccentric minds. Let it be the spark of electricity that ignites something innovative and exciting.



You may not be anywhere near where you'd like to be. Instead of being so hard on yourself, try your best to focus on how far you've already come. Even though you may not be making much progress at the moment, you're doing things behind the scenes that will soon begin to make sense. Have faith in your journey. You're nowhere near the end.


You may be rethinking some of your long-term goals. Even though you may be frustrated, there's no need to give up. Your mistakes are helping you learn. Quit expecting yourself to be perfect on the first try. Your best course of action is to surround yourself with people who have already succeeded. They are willing to show you the ropes if you'll let them.


It may be impossible to travel in a straight line this week. Just when you think you're on the right track, you're getting lost all over again. It's never comfortable moving without a map, but have you ever considered that losing yourself is the only way you'll find yourself? Let go of your need for guarantees. The magic happens right in the midst of the unknown.


Sometimes you need to go backward just to revisit something and make sure it truly is over. Don't judge yourself for healing the way you need to heal. However, make sure you're not concentrating on the past so much that the future passes you by. You are surrounded with new and exciting opportunities, so pay attention and remain open-minded to what's offered to you.



You are whole and you don't need anyone to complete you. Remain mindful of codependent tendencies. Letting someone else dictate your happiness may leave you empty-handed this week. Try not to concentrate on how someone else is treating you and instead focus on how you can reshape your own reality and transfer your energy back to yourself.


You might be slipping behind on your priorities, leaving you feeling more disorganized than ever. You could pick yourself apart and let the anxiety get to you, or you can choose to be kind to yourself instead. However, remain steadfast to the facts. You may be seeing someone through rose-colored glasses and their intentions may not be compassionate.


You may suddenly find that your creativity is coming to a screeching halt. You're merely being encouraged to discover your inspiration elsewhere. If you continue to look in the same places, you won't discover anything new. Be careful not to overextend yourself this week. You'd love to make everyone happy, but that's simply not fair to you.


While your instinct may be to run from your emotions, it may be time to finally allow yourself to feel them. Repression will only make it worse over time. You may find your feelings point you in all sorts of fascinating creative directions. In fact, they may even contain the missing ingredient. Set yourself free from constraints and allow yourself to be moved without inhibition.



Be careful what you say and who you say it to this week. Think clearly about your end game. What you're saying may be misinterpreted, so make sure it truly needs to be said. Open your heart to healing rifts and returning to your roots. You can work on solving deep-seated conflicts by putting kindness and understanding above all else. Love is powerful.


Money issues may be cropping up once again this week. Decide whether you've been penny pinching too much or spending too frivolously. This is your opportunity to prevent further damage from taking place. You may feel extra sensitive to the words of others, so take everything said to you with a grain of salt. Set firm boundaries.


You may feel extra susceptible to confusion and disarray, so allot yourself additional time to complete tasks and think critically before making your next move. Heal your anxiety by staying grounded and taking note of your surroundings. Beauty surrounds you. However, shelling out too much cash to soothe your stress is something you may regret later.


You are taking a trip down memory lane and your memories may feel stronger than your current reality. Nostalgia is a defense mechanism you need to be wary of clinging onto. The past only feels more beautiful because you're only looking at the positives. Instead of rewriting history, rewrite your present. One day, you'll look back on this and feel just as nostalgic.