Your June 17 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & You're Diving Into Cancer Season

This week begins with a blast of fiery emotion in the form of a full moon in Sagittarius. Even though all full moons are volatile and spiritually revealing, this one is especially so because it will join forces with expansive and eye-opening Jupiter. Whatever Jupiter touches is inevitably exaggerated and this connection is bound to make you wonder whether or not you're living life to the fullest. Forming a square with dreamy and illusive Neptune, your feelings may feel messy and distorted, but your June 17, 2019, weekly horoscope will help you make sense of it all. As hard-working and stabilizing Saturn forms a sextile with Neptune on June 18, you'll realize you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Remember that your dreams matter.

If you thought all the intensity would begin to ebb away after the full moon comes to a close, think again. On June 18, Mercury — planet of cognitive function and communication — and Mars — planet of drive and vitality — will form an intense conjunction. This ups the ante and makes you all the more hungry for validation and success. You might feel impulsive, touchy, or aggressive if your defenses flare up. However, this transit is extremely helpful if you set your sights on something you're passionate about, as it provides you with so much energy and ambition.

When this Mars-Mercury conjunction forms an opposition to transformative, obsessive, and secretive Pluto by June 19, you have a powerful opportunity to bring an idea to completion or compete to win. However, be careful, because this opposition can bring out manipulative, controlling, or conniving tendencies if you're not mindful of your actions. Focus on yourself and try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone grows at their own pace.

As of June 21, there will officially be four outer planets in retrograde with the addition of magical, spiritual, embellishing, and hazy Neptune. With Neptune's energy turned inward, you can expect the fantasies and illusions you rely on to vanish. Neptune retrograde tends to pull the plug on all the unrealistic things you may believe in, as well as call attention to your escapist tendencies. Let this transit show you the truth.

And, without further ado, this is the week everyone says goodbye to Gemini and hello to Cancer. When the sun enters this cardinal water sign on June 21, it launches the beginning of summer and will wrap your heart in warmth. Prepare to feel your intuition expand and your compassion open wide.


If you could strip away the nonsense in your life, what would matter to you most? What philosophy of life would guide you forward? This is a beautiful week to do some soul-searching. Get out there and open your heart to new experiences. You're entering a period of rest and rejuvenation by the end of the week, so spend this time tending to matters at home. You deserve to feel cared for and safe where you reside.


You'll feel an immense emotional transformation during the beginning of the week. This transformation may involve letting go of things that no longer have a place in your future to make way for a new beginning. Take care of yourself. By the end of the week, the sun will enter your third house of communication and launch a period of mental stimulation and truth-telling. Embrace an ability to multitask and get so many things done.


Revelations regarding your one-on-one relationships will color the start of your week. This could mean being brought closer to someone or even further away. You're learning what a health relationship means to you. By the end of the week, your focus will shift over to your finances and material possessions. This is the time to concentrate on acquiring the wealth and luxury you desire. Work hard now and gains will be made.


You may be realizing what needs changing in your daily routine during the beginning of the week. This is a great time to emotionally connect with how you spend each day. Are you staying organized? Are you taking care of your well-being? By the end of the week, Cancer season will have officially begun, launching one of the most satisfying times of year. Use this time to reinvent yourself and indulge in a confident way of life.


You're surfing some incredibly creative energy at the beginning of the week. Connect emotionally to artistic pursuit, romantic endeavors, and the beauty of living in the present moment. Get to know your inner child. When the sun enters your 12th house of spirituality at the end of the week, you'll turn towards solitary activities and inner-exploration. Use this time to hear the whispers of your intuition and invite positivity into your life.


Your heart is thinking of home during the beginning of the week. Take care of yourself by spending time in your own space. Use this time to redecorate or reconnect with family. Revelations about your home life may take place. Once Cancer season begins, so does the sun's tour through your 11th house of community. Lead by example, dive into social exploration, and pour your attention into a cause you care about.


A important and emotionally intense conversation may take place during the beginning of the week. Express your truth and listen intently to people's response. Check in with your siblings, as something surprising could take place in your relationship with them. By the end of the week, your attention moves to your career. Now's the time to focus on achieving all the success and notoriety you've always dreamed of.


The beginning of the week will call attention to the amount of stability you have in your life, both financially and physically. You're realizing what must be done in order to feel safe, secure, and prosperous in your universe. When Cancer season begins, you'll feel more adventurous than ever. Quit mulling over the pesky details and take a step back to see the full picture. Everything is more beautiful and meaningful than it seems.


You're feeling very emotionally connected to your most authentic self this week. You may feel confused about who you are, but that's only because you're an infinite amount of things. Allow yourself to be changed. A period of deep transformation begins by the end of the week and you're letting go of the dead weight in your life to make way for something exciting and new. Heal your wounds and tend to your heart.


A full moon will light up your 12th house of secrets and the subconscious during the beginning of the week, setting fire to so many deeply wedged truths. Prepare to realize things that felt previously confounding to you. Spend time alone in order to discover more. Your relationships will receive attention by the end of the week, causing you to think about the give and take in your emotional commitments. You deserve love and loyalty.


Your heart is searching for something to care about during the beginning of the week. Think of ways you can be a positive influence on your community and reach out to others. You desire deeper social connections. When Cancer season begins, so does the sun's tour through your sixth house of work and health. You're revamping your priorities and learning how you can life a cleaner, more productive life.


During the beginning of the week, you may feel emotional about where you are in life and how far you've come in your career. Whether you feel proud or inadequate, take in the revelations yet to come and learn how you can create a career that is more true to yourself. Once the sun enters Cancer, you'll be launched into one of the most creative and enjoyable times of your year. Indulge in fun, pleasure, and artistic perspectives.