Get Ready — A Full Moon In Sagittarius Is Coming On June 17

Are you ready for another full moon? Well, truth be told, there's no way you can truly prepare for all the emotional twists and shocking revelations that a full moon tends to bring. After all, this is when the moon is at its ripest state, directly opposing the sun and dragging subconscious secrets to the surface. If the full moon could talk, she would say the truth always comes out eventually. On June 17 at 4:31 p.m. EST, you better believe it, because the full moon in Sagittarius 2019 is bound to be more intense than you could have possibly imagined.

This mutable fire sign is famous for its larger-than-life, free-spirited, and philosophical nature. Opposing the sun in chatty, analytical, and quick-thinking Gemini, this lunation activates an expansive and overarching view of your reality. As sister signs, Gemini and Sagittarius are both untethered souls. They're storytellers, knowledge-seekers, and fascinated by the world around them. To discover the meaning of life is this duo's main mission. However, while Gemini cares about the up-close details, Sagittarius is looking at the way all those details come together and form a larger story. While Gemini is concerned with the community, Sagittarius is concerned with the world. Gemini analyzes one thing at a time and Sagittarius pulls back to look at the whole picture.

When these zodiac signs connect in the sky and shake up our universe on the full moon in Sagittarius, you'll feel as though something important has come into focus.

Rediscovering Your Beliefs And Shifting Your Perspective

If you feel like your beliefs and overall philosophy of life are coming into question on this full moon, it's to be expected. Sagittarius is always searching for a deeper meaning and a better way to see the world. After all, this mutable fire sign is ruled by Jupiter — planet of faith and freedom — and wherever Jupiter goes, everything becomes bigger.

To emphasize this theme, the full moon will also be forming a fiery and vivid conjunction with Jupiter, brightening everything you're feeling and intensifying your personal power. This full moon may bring unexpected epiphanies about what you believe in and how you can grow. Considering that Jupiter is in retrograde, which essentially guides its optimistic energy towards your internal world, this full moon is bound to expand your universe from deep within.

Emotional Volatility And A Desire To Express Your Feelings

Because of this full moon's intense connection with over-the-top Jupiter, you're bound to be feeling a lot of wild emotions and uncontrollable feelings. After all, Jupiter is throwing fuel onto your already hot Sagittarius fire. But, that's not all: Mars — planet of vitality and courage — and Mercury — planet of thought process and communication — are also joining forces in a conjunction. It's as if you're being stripped all the way down and your heart is beating for all the world to see.

The full moon will also be forming a square to illusive and sensitive Neptune, which essentially means there's no way to know where your feelings will go. Any random thought could overtake you and pull you into a direction you were not intending to go in. Expect a spike in sensitivity.

Get Swept Away By The Spirit Of Adventure And Freedom

Sagittarius is like an adventurer setting sail across the seven seas, hoping to discover something intriguing. Let this sentiment flood your soul and inspire you to go the distance. The world is filled with opportunities for cultural exchange, learning, and memory making. To avoid the unknown out of fear would go against everything Sagittarius stands for. In the unknown lies an even purer attitude towards life.

With so much planetary influence opening this full moon into something big, beautiful, and unforgettable, it may feel strange. It may even feel overwhelming. You might wonder why you're feeling so much. Instead of fighting it, embrace it. It's taking you somewhere unknown.