With The Full Moon In Scorpio, It's Time To Embrace Deep Change

Ah, just the thought of a full moon in Scorpio makes my soul tremble. When the most formidable zodiac sign and the most powerful phase of the moon meet, you know lightning is about to strike. Remember that the full moon is a moment of spiritual completion and understanding. Aspects of your life that need work come to light and you're forced to reckon with the changes that must be made. But that's only just scratching the surface of the meaning of the 2019 full moon in Scorpio. Get ready, because it's casting a dark and beautiful spell across the night sky at 5 p.m. ET on May 18.

Opposing the sun in down-to-earth, grounded, and sensual Taurus, this full moon asks you to balance the material with the metaphysical. Is your self-worth too dependent on things like money and possessions? Are you sacrificing practicality and common sense for the sake of daydreaming and soulful exploration? Too little or too much energy on either side of the spectrum leaves you feeling lopsided. Use this full moon to bring harmony between the physicality of Taurus and the spirituality of Scorpio. Remain grounded in reality, but leave enough room for the magic and the unexplainable.

This is the fixed water sign famed for emotional depth and transformation. When the full moon rises in Scorpio, it will reveal to you what you're truly passionate about, what you really care about, and how much power and potential you actually contain. Scorpio is ruled by both action-oriented Mars and shadow-side Pluto. Let your mistakes fuel you. Let your desires motivate you.

Healing Involves Both Light And Darkness, So Embrace Both

Has anyone ever told you to "Stay positive!" or "Keep your chin up!" and it only made you feel even worse? That's because it's invalidating the complexity of your feelings. Most feelings are both happy and sad, as well as beautiful and dark. By ignoring all of the darkness in favor of the light, you're denying yourself the full extent of your power. Scorpio despises inauthenticity and fakery, so on this full moon, you're meant to embrace every single thing going on inside of you. How are you ever going to know what you really need if you're ignoring half of what you're feeling?

Take stock of what's happening in your life and decide how you feel about it all. Chances are, there's a complex amalgam of so many different emotions involved. Meditate on it. Journal about it. Digest it all and let it inform you of what needs changing.

Keep Your Eye On The Goal And Trust In The Process

Despite being so spiritually turned on an intuitive, Scorpio is also an intensely ambitious zodiac sign. After all, Scorpio is ruled by Mars, planet of aggression and forward moving. However, Scorpio's ambition is different from relentless Aries or calculating Capricorn. Scorpio is strategic and its ambition stretches far beyond the surface. It's not just about winning. It's about transforming yourself from deep within, and that process takes much longer and requires so much more commitment.

Because the sun will be forming an earthy trine with hardworking Saturn as well as life-changing Pluto, you have the power to truly rise from your situation and make a difference. This full moon is nudging you towards maturity by helping you let go of what's unnecessary in favor of the future to come.

Make Decisions That Serve Your Higher Self And Have Faith

Full moons are intense and overwhelming. Chances are, you'll be feeling so many different things and none of it will feel easy to stomach at first. However, the cosmos want you to trust in the process and know in your heart that everything will work out the way it's meant to in the end. This is a major turning point and everything will make sense eventually.

This full moon forms a grand water trine with spiritual and dreamy Neptune, as well as the north node in Cancer. This will endow you with a deeper understanding of your soul purpose and help you see what all of this work is meant for in the long run. Neptune is about imagination, creativity, and all things unseen. The north node is the point at which your headed towards greatness, which essentially translates to your ultimate destiny. If it feels like the right decision, that's because it is.