Your June 3 Weekly Horoscope Is All About New Adventures

When you think of Gemini, what comes to mind? Is it a free-spirited way of life? An ability to learn and exchange knowledge with others? The willingness to see the humor in life? You'll have a powerful opportunity to harness all that this mutable zodiac sign means to you when your June 3, 2019 weekly horoscope begins with a new moon in Gemini. This point in the lunar cycle is all about setting a fresh intention, turning the page, and going forward with the next chapter of life. When Gemini is famed for intellectual pursuit, social connection, and looking at everything from another perspective, it's time to try something completely different.

Because this new moon forms an opposition with expansive and over-the-top Jupiter, you'll feel immensely motivated to grow. It's time to fully embody the person truly you are, not the person you "think" you are. Become that big, unapologetic personality. Revel in what you're feeling and honor your emotions. Just remember to pump the breaks if the situation calls for it, because this transit aims to remove your inhibitions. Keep in mind this new moon also forms a square with sensitive and dreamy Neptune, which can thin your skin and make you feel especially susceptible to negativity. So instead of focusing on the harshness of the world, keep in mind that not everything is as it seems. Focus on feeling grateful for what you have and indulge in positivity and self-care.

By June 3, Venus — planet of love and beauty — will form a harmonious trine with Pluto, planet of depth and transformation. This transit intensifies the passion in your relationships and encourages you to get to know someone completely, warts and all. Watch as your love levels up and allow yourself to be pulled into someone's heart. This is also a gorgeous time for some serious fashion re-haul, as your tastes will better reflect your true aesthetic preferences.

This sensitive energy will only gain more traction when Mercury — planet of communication and thought process — enters compassionate, caring, and intuitive Cancer on June 4. This opens your heart and encourages empathy and the instinct to protect those you love from harm. Let it nurture your love for the people in your life, infuse your home life with tenderness, and sharpen your psychic awareness. This is a beautiful transit for soul searching, so don't be afraid to go deep. By June 7, Mercury will form an exciting sextile with revolutionary Uranus, which creates the opportunity for unexpected revelations, startling moments of inspiration, and an edgy and stimulating social vibe. Get out there and meet some gorgeous and unique people, because the cosmos are calling for it.


You're embarking on a stimulating social journey and learning how to communicate freely and easily with others. Use this energy to accomplish several things at once and become more efficient with your time. This is a beautiful week to revamp your financial state and concentrate on infusing your life with more luxury and security. A focus on your family and home life is key. There may even be unexpected news at home.


This is a great week to set financial goals and manifest more wealth and stability into your life. Believe that you can have all that you desire, practice gratitude, and prosperity will arrive. Prepare to experience a boost of self-love and confidence. You're appreciating all that you feel within and reveling in your inner strength. It's time to communicate your needs without being afraid of being vulnerable with others. You are loved.


You're experiencing major breakthroughs about your wants, needs, and desires. It's time to decide what you want to let go of in your life and who you want to become. Remember to feel proud of yourself and all you're capable of. You're seeing the beauty of your secrets and subconscious, so embrace a spiritual transformation. This is also a great week to focus on your financial concerns. Money is flowing your way.


You're rejuvenating your spiritual core and getting to know the real you. Spend time alone so you can hear your inner thoughts and work through energy blockages. Invite positive light into your life. Your friendships are deepening and you may be pulled into a new social direction or cause. You're feeling a lot of mental clarity this week, which will help you learn more quickly and communicate more easily. Prepare to feel inspired.


You're feeling all sorts of love for your clique and you want to forge new friendships with likeminded people. Get out there and let your social alliances transform and empower you. Your career is experiencing a deep resurgence and there is notoriety and accomplishment coming your way. Don't be afraid of success. You're feeling very in tune with your spiritual center this week, so allow unexpected revelations to rock your world.


It's time to take your career to the next level. Envision where you want to be in your future and take control of your dreams. You have so much power to truly manifest the success you desire. Use this energy to truly reshape your beliefs and create a better perspective of life. A spontaneous adventure can do wonders for your soul. Your social life is experiencing a boost and there may be unexpected excitement found in your community.


You're on the brink of an exciting adventure that has the power to expand your mind and leave you with beautiful memories. Think about how you want to spend your life and commit to what makes you the happiest. You're experiencing a deep level of emotional intimacy this week, which can bring you so much closer to your loved ones and even rejuvenate your financial state. You may even experience exciting and unexpected career news.


You're undergoing a process of spiritual purging this week and it may be time to snip away energy chords that are holding you back. Whether it's debts that need to be paid or relationships that bring you down, leave it all behind you. You're experiencing a transformation in your partnerships and a deepening of your bond. Create the relationship you truly need. Your faiths are expanding and you're seeing the bigger picture.


It's time to set an intention to invite respectful, loving, and loyal relationships into your life. Decide what needs to change in the way you function in a relationship as well as what you deserve in one. You have the power to transform your work ethic and health this week by creating a plan and organizing your priorities. You're becoming more interested in depth instead of superficial concerns, so don't be afraid to look within.


This is a beautiful week to cleanse and detox your life. Create a plan for a more productive, efficient, and responsible way of life. Every big goal is made up of a series of small steps. You're experiencing a deep creative transformation this week, so let it sweep you up in a colorful and romantic dream. It's time to focus on your one-on-one relationships and infuse them with love. There may be unexpected lovers and friends.


If you're seeing colors more brightly and hearing music more intensely, it's no wonder. You're on the verge of a creative awakening, so set an intention to invite more artistic expression and joy into your life. This joy extends all the way over to your family and home life, which you're becoming more devoted to and in tune with. You also have so much energy to get a lot of stuff done this week, so attack that to-do list with all your might.


What does family mean to you? What does emotional security and love mean to you? Focus on how you can create a more caring family and a more comfortable home environment. Love is all that matters. You can express even your deepest feelings more beautifully this week, so let yourself be vulnerable to those you love. A creative streak is running through your mind, so let artistic inspiration wash over you. Unexpected fun is on the way.