Your May 27 Weekly Horoscope Is Filled With Magic

When it's Gemini season, there's no better time to get out and socialize. Since Gemini is represented by the twins in astrology, it's important to remember this is the only zodiac sign that is symbolized by actual human beings, so is it any wonder that Gemini energy is all about connecting, communicating, and coexisting? Use this week to appreciate the people in your life and learn from someone who is nothing like you. Maintain an open mind and indulge in the magic of empathy, because your May 27, 2019, weekly horoscope is all about nurturing your relationships.

Even though the cosmic energy this week is perfect for spreading peace and love, let's not forget that Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will form a dizzying and confusing square with Neptune — planet of fantasy and illusion — on May 29. Make no mistake: This transit is known for preventing you from seeing the truth. If something seems too good to be true, it just might be. If you're feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts and feelings, take a step back and make sure your mind isn't playing games with you. This may not be the best time to sign major contracts or have dramatic conversations. Most importantly of all, resist the temptation to lie. It'll only come back and bite you in the ass. Now that we've got that "squared" away — sorry, Gemini season is bringing out all my bad puns — let's get to the fun stuff.

On May 30, Venus — planet of love, beauty, friendship, and money — will form a graceful sextile with Neptune. This will seriously turn up the romance and affection, so if you're looking to mingle, this transit is certainly the time to do it. Indulge in sensual connection, engage in creativity, and appreciate the art of life. This transit will open everyone's heart and encourage friendly and jovial interactions. However, don't get carried away with an idea or ignore red flags for the sake of a good time. Mercury is still squaring off with Neptune, creating false promises.

Even though all this social excitement sounds lighthearted and easygoing, this week is perfect for settling down, forging loyalties, and remembering what truly matters most. When Venus forms a trine with Saturn — planet of longterm commitment and hard work — this energy will steady and stabilize your relationships. Use this energy to make connections that last and solve conflicts with diligent effort and respect.


Go shopping, visit an art museum, and pamper yourself at the spa. Your vision is peaking with creativity and sensuality, so treat yourself to some aesthetic pleasure. You also have the power to make some serious and impressive moves in your career this week, so build towards something you've always dreamed of. Avoid saying things you don't really mean right now and avoid intense conversations. The truth may feel distorted.


You're radiating romance and attractive to all who have the privilege of being around you. People will definitely see the beauty in you this week so get out and become a social butterfly. You also have the ability to truly expand your mind. Commit to a form of higher learning or plan a trip around the world. Any cultural enrichment will stick with you. Take care not to overspend this week or give too much of your energy away.


Your imagination is on fire this week and your intuition is bursting with beauty. You have the power to do some creative and spiritual self-care, which will heal any insecurities you may be dealing with and help you focus on the big picture. Inspiration may strike when you least expect it. Stay away from thoughts centered on your ego. Instead, reach out for honest human connection. Alleviate loneliness by having compassion towards others.


Your social life is bubbling like Champagne fizz, so get out there to network like a business maven or simply enjoy some quality time with friends. You're gaining so much perspective from all the people you meet. This is a beautiful week to take your relationships seriously and commit to creating something amazing with someone. However, take care not to get carried away by an unrealistic idea and be careful not to spread gossip.


You're experiencing a career resurgence this week. If you've been feeling stagnant or unappreciated in your field, your passion for what you do will feel revitalized. You have the power to get a lot of work done and plan to accomplish some major goals, so don't waste time procrastinating. Take care not to be vulnerable with someone you don't truly trust this week. Look at the facts and don't allow yourself to be manipulated.


Embark on spontaneous adventures, get out of town, and absorb some culture. It will bring you closer to someone, especially if you do all of this with another person because quality one-on-one time is encouraged this week. Enjoy the flow of creativity and fun that comes with allowing yourself to be intimate with someone. However, take care not to rely on someone too deeply for career support or recognition. It could sour the trust between you two.


You have all the power to become close to someone for the long haul. Open yourself up to love and intimacy and it will pay off. However, relationships require maintenance and care, so spend time working on how you can improve them. Even the smallest improvements have the power to truly transform your life. Take care not to jump to conclusions this week, as you'll be forgetting to consider the details and cover each base.


You have the power to infuse your relationships with so much creativity, romance, and fun. Open your mind to all the many ways that love can be expressed. This is also a beautiful time to establish healthy styles of communication. Talk through issues without jumping to conclusions. Learn now not to treat heated discussions like a fight. You may feel overly sensitive this week, so remember that not everything you believe is true.


You have the power to make some serious move towards financial prowess and overall success. Focus on refining your daily routine, extending a helping hand towards others, and setting your goals. Remember that baby steps add up overtime. Nurture your home environment and spend time with your family for an added dose of magic. Your one-on-one relationships could be experiencing confusion, so talk easily.


Creativity, artistic expression, and romance are swirling through the way you see yourself this week. You're learning how to bring more joy into your life and see things in a more beautiful way. It may be time to start a long-term artistic project. You're coming up with genius ideas right now, so plan to make one of those ideas real. However, your thought process may be slightly disorganized, so don't force method over inspiration.


Your home environment is experiencing a boost this week, so feel free to spend time with your loved ones, redesign your living space, and indulge in necessary self-care. You're developing a spiritual understanding of your family and home life, helping you feel stable from inside out. Let go of your ego and let in love. There's a chance you may feel frustrated when your creative vision doesn't pan out correctly, so trust the process.


Your mind is connecting the dots quick as can be, so indulge in an enchanted way of thinking. Expect to learn fascinating things and engage in eye-opening and compassionate conversations. This will help you connect with a group of likeminded individuals, so feel free to spend time socializing. These friends can last a lifetime. You may feel as though you're not being cared for by your loved ones, but try to see your relationships clearly.