Your May 13 Weekly Horoscope Shows You're On The Verge Of A Spiritual Awakening

Surround yourself with luxury, fall head over heels, and treat yourself, because Venus — planet of love and money — enters Taurus on May 15. This is one of the zodiac signs where Venus functions best, and you'll feel this otherworldly energy ground you in gorgeousness and spoil you with affection. This transit is made all the more harmonious by a sextile Venus forms with primal and passionate Mars. Prepare to feel motivated and flushed with a soothing confidence. As if this wasn't enough to look forward to, it's just the beginning of your May 13, 2019, weekly horoscope.

Later that same day, Mars will leave behind brainy and communicative Gemini and enter emotional and protective Cancer. This energy is about taking care of your flock, defending yourself against negative vibes, and focusing on everything that matters to you most. It's all meant to remind you that nothing is more important than the people and values you go home to. Everything else is just white noise. Expect to feel more in touch with your heart and your sensitivities. Allow this transit to enhance your intuition and lead you towards compassion.

The sun will have formed a powerful and profound trine with both Pluto — planet of creation and destruction — and Saturn — planet of discipline and karmic repercussions — as of May 13. Since both Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, this creates a foundation for some major internal growth, as your experiences will rattle you to the core and give you courage to banish destructive patterns from the inside out. Oftentimes something you care deeply about comes to an end so that something beautiful and unexpected can rise from the rubble. Let this energy remind you to fail over and over again until success is inevitable. On May 15, Mercury — planet of communication and logic — will form a creative and imaginative sextile with Neptune that infuses the thought process with magic and empathy right before it also forges a trine with Saturn and Pluto as of May 18. The cosmos are building towards something beautiful and transformative, and you have all the potential to make power out of your pain.

This energy reaches an enchanting and impassioned peak in the form of the full moon in Scorpio, which is set to take place on May 18 at 5:11 p.m. ET. If you've been feeling directionless or confused about which path to follow, this lunation will help you find your way. Scorpio is about the truth. It's the blood and guts beneath the façade. You can't fool Scorpio no more than you can fool yourself. Forming a grand water trine with both dreamy Neptune and the fateful north node, this full moon will realign your spirit and inform you of where you're meant to be. Follow your intuition. That's all the advice you need.


When you look deep into your heart, are there obstructions blocking your view? If your heart is weighed down by attachments that no longer serve you, there's little room for growth. Unshackle yourself from patterns and people who pull you down instead of bring you up. You're blossoming; but first, you must give yourself room to bloom.


You only have so much energy at your expense and the world will always have ways to trick you into giving it away to those who don't deserve it. Find balance in your partnerships and have the courage to set terms for what is and isn't acceptable. Open yourself up to someone who wants not to change you, but to inspire you to change all on your own.


Dream as big as possible. If you're not overwhelmed by your dream, you need to dream bigger. However, remember that every goal is compromised with a series of actions and decisions. It comes down to how you organize each day and focus on the present moment. Put your heart into restructuring your priorities and remember to take it one step at a time.


Delve deeper into your relationship with pleasure and play. In what ways are you standing in the way of your own joy? It's OK to let loose and dance without inhibition, the way you did when you were a child. However, it's not OK to let fun be a mounting distraction from everything else in your life. It's up to you to transform your passions and creativity.


No matter how hard you work or how far you travel, your soul will always need to return home, where you can let down your hair and be your true self. Allow yourself to rejuvenate with your loved ones or indulge in personal space. Sort through issues in your home life or settle situations within your family. You deserve some privacy and peace.


You're discovering your ability to maneuver through a mess and find your way out through a balance between cleverness and honesty. It may be time to have an important conversation and finally express your ideas. You could feel challenged intellectually and pushed to rise to the occasion. It's all meant to expand your brain power and show the world how smart you are.


Have you created a world in which you are physically cradled and protected? Come to terms with ways that you can enhance your financial state or forge a stable connection between yourself and the earth beneath your feet. Take care of your most basic necessities so you can have the freedom to frolic and explore like the free spirit you are.


Prepare to experience revelations in every aspect of your life. Are you emotionally connected to the person you're becoming? Are you giving yourself permission to shed your skin and grow beyond your past? Dig deep into your soul and don't be afraid to feel what you feel. It's all motivating and inspiring you to make the right decisions for your future self.


Intuition is flooding your world. Unless you participate in spiritually explorative activities like journaling and meditation, you may feel as though you're drowning in it. Your reality is not all that it seems and your intuition wants to tell you the truth. Make sure you're listening to your inner voice and giving it the chance to tell you the whole story.


Your hopes, dreams, and wishes are coming into focus. Let them catapult you forward. Make sure you're sharing your truth with groups of people who relate to you and protect you. Some people will seek to take you down but you have the power to know the difference between true friends and frenemies. Listen to people when they tell you who they are.


There are changes that need to be made in your career and it's time you come to terms with what they are. Step into the limelight and zero in on your talents. Self-doubt is a voice in your head telling lies. Whether you're moving forward or backward, it's all to inform you of what step you should take next. Remember that failure is always a blessing in disguise.


It's time you realize there are certain perspectives and belief systems that you have may be holding you back. Replace those limiting thoughts with ones grounded in expansion and opportunity. Step away from everything you think you know and open your heart to the possibility that you're seeing things from a narrow angle. Adventure and spontaneity are the answer.