The New Moon In Gemini Is Here & It's Encouraging You To Express Yourself

On June 3, 2019 at 6:02 a.m., you'll have a powerful opportunity to turn an idea into reality. Engage in conversations, take note of your thought process, and encourage a new way of thinking. A project set in motion during this time is a project worth seeing through, because the 2019 new moon in Gemini will drop in with galvanizing moments of inspiration. This is one of the most social, quick-witted, adaptable, and intelligent signs in all the zodiac. Its energy encourages you to leave behind your comfort zone, put yourself in exciting situations, and return with experiences you never would have gained otherwise. Use the energy from this new moon to embark on a path to a more community-oriented and knowledgable life.

As you probably already know, Gemini's energy tends to be dramatic, unpredictable, and downright fascinating to watch. Someone born under the sign of Gemini might be famous for having two different personalities and no one ever knows which side of them they'll get. When a new moon takes place in Gemini, it's time to get to know another side of yourself. Perhaps you repress the many layers of your personality. Maybe you don't even realize they're there. But on a new moon in Gemini, it's almost guaranteed that you'll surprise yourself. You're a multidimensional human being and your identity is constantly shifting. Let this replenishing lunar energy from Gemini remind you of that.

Express Your Truth With Someone You Can Trust

A new moon in Gemini is guaranteed to make you want to talk about your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. There's no better way to celebrate it than to gather with other likeminded individuals and feed off of each other. Because the moon will oppose Jupiter — planet of expansion, freedom, and adventure — you'll feel a desire for all things larger than life. You'll want to express your emotions and be vulnerable with others. Let this lunation open your heart, share it with someone else, and bring you closer to your authentic self.

However, remember you should only be vulnerable with people you trust. Reserve the deep talks and intense secrets for someone you know won't judge you.

Remember Your Thoughts Are Not Always The Truth

Keep in mind this lunation will form a square with illusive and deceptive Neptune. As Neptune loves to stir the pot and create an aura of confusion, it's all too likely that there may be a disconnect between how you feel and what's actually real.

While this transit can enhance empathy and open your heart to sensitivity, try not to make any drastic decisions, don't do anything impulsive, and reserve harsh judgments for later. You owe it to yourself to truly embrace everything going inside within you. However, it's important you remember that not all of it may be based on reality. All this heightened energy can certainly be conflicting, so make sure to breathe trough it.

Embrace A Deepening Of Trust In Your Relationships

Whatever happens during this new moon in Gemini, it's all meant to solidify relationships with people who are truly good for you. Venus — planet of love and friendship — will form a trine with both committed Saturn and transformative Pluto. This will either bring your relationship to the next level of trust and loyalty or bring you further away from an attachment to someone who doesn't have a place in your future.

There's a strong sense of spiritual destiny surrounding this lunation, as Neptune will form a trine with the north node. In essence, the north node is the energy we, as a collective, are striving towards. It's the destination, the goal, and the ideal. However, we have to fight to get to the finish line.