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Your June 1 Weekly Horoscope Will Help You Become Your Highest Self


As you've probably noticed, this Gemini season is shaping up to be quite the dramatic experience. Ruled by trickster Mercury, it makes sense that Gemini would be a zodiac sign that loves to turn up the heat and make things interesting. If you're feeling overwhelmed with everything your June 1, 2020 weekly horoscope holds, do as a Gemini would and laugh your way through the pain. The cosmos are certainly spicing things up, especially this week.

Venus — planet of love and luxury — has been retrograde since last month, encouraging you to rethink your love language and relationship patterns. The experience has likely been teaching you so much about who you are and what your heart needs in order to feel whole and understood. However, when Venus squares off with aggressive Mars on June 2, it may be the transit that finally pushes you over the edge. If there are many things going unsaid or deep-seated frustrations that need airing out, this may be when arguments officially begin to erupt. Try to lead with compassion, as your instinct will be to fight, but it may not help you get your point across as much as patience would. When Mercury — planet of communication — forms a sextile with innovative Uranus on June 5, new ideas will flourish and so will inspiring conversations. Move forward unburdened by your past and allow yourself to be swept up in brilliant, yet daring concepts. Each and every day is always a brand new opportunity.

The major moment of your week is a soul-stirring and transformative lunar eclipse (aka blood moon) in Sagittarius on June 5, pushing you into the next phase of your life. In astrology, eclipses are more than just beautiful cosmic phenomenons. They have the power to drag you kicking and screaming toward your ultimate destiny. Even though everything an eclipse forces you through may feel uncomfortable at first, it's exactly what you need to experience in order to become your highest self. This is when major chapters come to an end so that new ones may begin, and this is especially true if your birth chart contains placements in mutable signs.

This week, you may feel tired, emotional, confused, and freaked out by what the future holds. Believe it or not, this lunar eclipse is pushing you out of your comfort zone so that you'll be on the path you're meant to be on. Surrender to the cosmos and trust you're only growing stronger.



Be mindful of how you use your words this week. You may feel the instinct to say something you don't mean in a heated moment. Speak with intent instead. Make decisions that suit the person you're becoming, because walls are coming down and roads are opening. You may not know where you're going yet but the destination doesn't matter. It's all about the journey.


If you allow your self-worth to rely on external forces, this week may be a slippery slope. You're being challenged to find stability from within, where it can never be taken away from you. You have the strength to remain resilient no matter what changes in your life. A transformation is taking place and you may feel sore from the shift, but you're becoming so much stronger.


It's never been more important for you to treat yourself as your first priority. If you take care of yourself last, you won't be able to take care of anything else as well as you should. Place your efforts directly upon your heart. Before you can function beautifully in a relationship with someone else, you must heal the relationship you have with yourself. After all, you are your own soulmate.


You may be keeping secrets that don't want to be kept. Coming clean may terrify you, but it will set you free. There's no need to carry all this weight. Be honest with yourself and jumpstart the process of healing. You're learning which habits bring you closer to your best self and which bring out the worst in you. Make adjustments in your life that produce positive results.



You may feel distant from the rest of the world, as though you are far away from a community that truly understands you. However, the cure to all this loneliness comes from taking action towards helping others. You are the string that ties everyone together. But first, you must let go of your concern with what others think of you. Let your concern lie with how you think of yourself.


Your status may be threatened and the fear of losing everything you've been working so hard for may drive you to take drastic measures. However, you may be creating more problems than you started with, so make decisions with your future in mind. Your heart is asking for your undivided attention, so lead with empathy and kindness. Everything else can wait.


You may be feeling restless and stagnant at the moment, as though you can't find a way around the walls surrounding you. However, resourcefulness and creativity will get you far, so make a point of working with what you have. There may be a life-changing conversation that takes place, so speak with integrity and listen closely. Your words create your world.


You may feel like holding onto what you have more deeply than you ever have due to a fear of being abandoned. However, true love is knowing it will always return to you, so practice trust when these feelings arise. You're learning that you will always survive no matter what you lose and living in fear only perpetuates this feeling of loss. Believe in your wholeness.



You may be experiencing conflict with someone near and dear to your heart. You only have control over how you behave, so let the actions of other's speak for themselves. If a relationship isn't meshing with the person you're becoming, letting go will eventually bring you the freedom you desire. It will bring you closer to a relationship filled with understanding and personal growth.


You may find that your feelings are getting in the way of your ability to get things done. It's normal to fall behind and sometimes, even necessary. It's unrealistic to be organized all the time, so learn how to stay calm in the midst of disorientation. Your spirit is downloading some heavy realizations. Right now, it may be best to set aside time to do nothing but simply feel them.


You may feel a desire to act out or create drama for the sake of making things interesting. This is your spirit letting you know you're capable of doing so much more. Find a healthy outlet for all this excess energy you need to release. You're learning who inspires you to be your most creative and authentic self and who tries to hold you down. Adjust your social life accordingly.


There may be problems at home that need to be dealt with. Instead of letting things reach an uncomfortable boiling point, try to deal with each problem as they arise. Your personal life sets the stage for your success in the outer world. If one is amiss, the other will feel as though it's lacking, too. You're being pushed out of your comfort zone. Treat every failure as a success. It means you're doing the work.