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Your July Monthly Sex Horoscope Is Red Hot

by Valerie Mesa
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It's never too late to tap into the ancient wisdom of astrology, especially when it comes to your love life. If you're familiar with the essence of your and your partner's zodiac archetypes, then you're in for quite a treat this month because your July 2020 monthly sex horoscope is sizzling with bold passions and powerful insights.

Considering the super-charged energies the full moon lunar eclipse on July 5 will bring, July is overflowing with red-hot emotion. This is the last eclipse of the Cancer-Capricorn series, which also means it's the ending of a pivotal chapter in your life, and to best understand how this will manifest for you, think back to the new moon solar eclipse on July 12, 2018. In addition to the undeniable eclipse effects, there are five planets retrograde right now, including the taskmaster, Saturn, which also reentered its sign of rulership Capricorn on July 1. Even though everything around you is urging you to go inward and shed more of your snake skin, audacious Mars, the planet of aggression, desire, and passion, will be dancing with flirty Venus, the planet of love, relationships, and seduction.

Aggressive, rambunctious, and fueled by its carnal instincts, Mars in Aries is an embodiment of the divine warrior and sacred masculine. Venus — a sacred symbol of the divine feminine — is a coquettish charmer and a social chameleon when in the sign of curious Gemini. There's nothing more erotic than the synergy between Mars and Venus, especially when they're in a harmonious alignment.


Mars takes initiative with fierce adrenaline in Aries, and Venus loves to play games in Gemini. Here's how this sultry combination of planetary energies could affect your sex life.

Aries: You're Using Your Words To Get What You Want

You've got the gift of gab this month, Aries. Venus will be dazzling your chatty third house of communication while dancing with Mars, which is excellent for passionate exchanges. So speak your mind, because you won't regret it. Swiping right and double-tapping counts, too.

Taurus: You're Indulging In Your Passions Behind Closed Doors

You're fueled by your five senses, Taurus. Your luscious planetary ruler, Venus, will be igniting your stability-seeking second house of pleasure while in alignment with Mars via your secretive 12th house of all things behind the scenes. So make sure you make time for yourself and all of your secret rendezvous.

Gemini: You're Socializing And Looking For Variety

You're glimmering with charisma, Gemini. Lady Venus is shaking its tail feather in your sign and giving Mars come-hither eyes while it travels through your 11th house of extended networks. Are you ready to be friends with benefits? Just make sure it's worth it, unless you don't mind putting your friendship at risk.

Cancer: You're The Center Of Attention And Loving It

It's your season, so you can pretty much get away with anything, Cancer. Though Venus will inspire you to keep your passions behind closed doors, audacious Mars will also challenge you to take charge. This planetary alignment could also spark a smoldering attraction between you and someone in the workplace.

Leo: You're Meeting People And Feeling Adventurous

You're doing a little bit of soul searching, Leo. You're also learning more about yourself and your eclectic interests, which becomes a highlight as soon as Mars joins forces with Venus this month. Lady Venus will dazzle your social circles while Mars ignites your spontaneous ninth house of experiences, which means you'll be in the mood for something exotic.

Virgo: You're Oozing Serious Sex Appeal

You could easily give people the wrong impression this month, Virgo. With coquettish Venus charming your public tenth house of reputation and Mars igniting your erotic eighth house of sex, there will be something incredibly alluring about your aura. So don't let this irresistible energy go to waste.

Libra: You're Taking A Walk On The Wild Side

You're in the mood to explore, and you should follow your instincts, Libra. With your charming planetary ruler Venus dazzling your exotic ninth house of adventure, and Mars igniting your committed seventh house of partnerships, you'll be ready to spice things up in your love life.

Scorpio: You're Taking Advantage Of Your Sex Appeal

Don't break anyone's heart, Scorpio. Venus, the goddess of love, is charming your erotic eighth house of sex while your traditional ruler Mars gets physical via your expressive fifth house of acknowledgement and individuality. So whether it be artistically or romantically, your red-hot passions will serve as an excellent muse.

Sagittarius: You're Rekindling The Passion

The feeling of lust can be seasonal, Sagittarius. But with Venus pirouetting through your committed seventh house of partnerships and aggressive Mars igniting your expressive fifth house of passion, there's no denying this month will bring the heat.

Capricorn: You're Working On Yourself More

You're feeling more in touch with your physical body this month, Capricorn. Lady Venus is getting organized via your orderly sixth house of health, while Mars fires up your domestic fourth house of emotional foundation. Though you may feel more introverted than usual, this is an excellent time for self-care and self-love.

Aquarius: You're Fiercely Passionate And It Shows

Thinking about your crush more than usual, Aquarius? With go-getter Mars igniting your chatty third house of communication and thought process while Venus sweetens up your expressive fifth house of love, your exchanges will likely be as seductive as ever. You'll be wearing your heart on your sleeve, and turning up the heat every chance you get.

Pisces: You're Feeling More Comfortable In The Bedroom

If it doesn't feel like home, then you should reconsider the relationship, Pisces. This is especially true with charming Venus getting cozy via your domestic fourth house of home as Mars ignites your pleasure-seeking second house of comfort. You'll probably be craving something stable and familiar, but you can still feel sexy in the meantime.

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