Why Your Guy Cousin Is Like A Brother & The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

Oh, boys. You might have a lot of them in your life. There's your younger brother who is always the center of attention, and your cousins who make every holiday party so much better. Sometimes, they really get on your nerves. (Like when they don't take your relationship advice, or eat all of the Oreos. Come on!) But, you're grateful to be surrounded by such amazing human beings. They look out for you, and are more than just any other family member. Let's be honest: Your guy cousin is like a brother to you, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

Just when you thought you had enough siblings, your cousin came around. He walked through the door, with his bike sitting in your driveway, and asked if you had any sidewalk chalk. At the time, drawing pictures on the cement was your favorite thing. So, you said the five-year-old's version of, "Hell yeah!" and ran outside. You weren't expecting to have such a cool best friend. Now it's years later, and he's still your main squeeze.

You go on all sorts of adventures together, and talk about the things you're passionate about. He messes with you whenever he gets the chance, and you prank him right back. It's all meant in good fun, and you're excited to see what else is in store. These seven things make your guy cousin more like a brother to you. He's basically your immediate family. Would you want it any other way?

He's Your Best Friend

The guy in your family who you've gotten close to over the years is basically your BFF. He's the one person you never get tired of, even if you spent the entire weekend together. You probably wouldn't say it to his face, but you love laughing with him and hearing all of his dad jokes. (Let's be honest: There are a lot of them, and it's quite impressive at this point.)

Through thick and thin, he's your partner in crime. You've thought about making shirts with your nicknames on the back. (Too far? I don't think so.)

He's Known You Since Day One

Your guy cousin might only see you at family parties and on family vacation, but he's known you since day one. Every time you get together, you talk about the days when you'd play badminton in the backyard or ride your scooters down the street. He'd try and race you from one block to the next, and taught you some pretty cool soccer tricks.

As you grew up, you both got busy, and it's hard to see each other all the time. But, you know that if you ever needed anything, he'd be there in a heartbeat. That's what your day ones are for, after all.

He Jokes Around With You

When you're hanging with your guy cousin, you're always on your toes. He's been one to mess with you in the past, and knows you won't take it personally. In fact, you always hold your own and play pranks on him, too.

You've taken some notes from Jim Halpert on The Office, and wrapped up all of his stuff in holiday paper. You're planning to put his stuff in Jell-O, but that's going to take a little extra effort. Truth is, only a cousin who's basically a brother would be willing to joke around like this. He really doesn't mind being covered in silly string.

He Tells You Exactly What's On His Mind

Your guy cousin, like a brother, has no trouble saying exactly what's on his mind. He's probably one of the most straightforward people you know to this day. He'll bring you back down to Earth, when you've lost sight of reality, and tell you when you're being petty AF. (Thank goodness, huh?)

Sometimes, his honesty can get the best of him. (I'm a firm believer that you should always tell the truth, but delivery is key.) So, you've coached him on how to go about his feelings, when he's being a bit blunt. Not everybody is used to someone who doesn't beat around the bush.

He's Passionate About The Same Things As You

Over the years, you and your siblings have supported each other from the sidelines. You've gone to every track meet, and sat on the bleachers during the football games. They have been your number one fans, but your guy cousin has truly been passionate about the same things as you.

He understands your love for photography, graphic design, or all things science. He'll talk to you about it for hours, until you're both in desperate need of some water. You wouldn't trade those conversations for the world, and feel lucky that there's someone in your life who knows exactly where you're coming from.

He Doesn't Deal With Drama

Families tend to have some drama. But, your guy cousin is the last one to worry about the "he said, she said" shenanigans. He'll sit in the background of the conversations, and put in his two cents every once in a while. Let's be honest: He's just here for the food and to hang out with you.

Life comes with enough drama, that he just doesn't want to deal with it. He'd rather spend his time catching up and making memories with his cousins, than going over the details of what went down. Whenever you come to him with your dilemmas, he gives you some grounded advice, but then tells you to move on. Drama isn't worth your time or energy a majority of the time.

He Loves You Unconditionally

No matter how much you annoy your guy cousin, he'll always love you like one of his siblings. He's learned to love your quirky side, and goes along with your jokes even when they're not funny. (Guilty.)

When you were younger, he took the blame for eating all the chocolate pudding in the pantry, even though that was you. He even snuck you some cookies off of the table during one of many holiday parties. It's just how he shows his unconditional love.

Honestly, you're so glad he's in your life, and feel like you can count on him for anything. You love your brother, but your guy cousin is basically another sibling in your life. Would you want it any other way?