Why Your Relationship With Your Cousin Is More Legit Than A Best Friend

Jovo Jovanovic

Your bestie has some serious competition when it comes to your cousin. Yes, both of them have likely been around since day one. But, there's just something about a family member who turned into your BFF that takes friendship to an entirely new level. This is the girl who maybe hasn't always been around because she actually lives in a different state, but is your soul sister just the same. Let's be honest: Your cousin is more legit than a best friend. It's a bold statement — I know — but one you probably already can agree on for a few reasons.

Unlike your best friend, you can't quite remember the day you and your cousin met. Odds are, you were both just kids, running around in the sprinklers in your backyard or making s'mores over the grill that your dad set up. Naturally, you bonded and became two peas in a pod almost instantly. (I mean, when marshmallows and chocolate are involved, how could you not?)

Maybe you went to the same summer camp together for a few years, or just kept in touch with phone calls and little day trips to each other's hometowns. You two rocked the long-distance relationship, and have always just picked up wherever you left off. Nowadays, not much has changed. You're both a lot more grown up, but you and your cousin are still super close. In fact, she's probably your most legit best friend, purely for these seven reasons.

She Was Your First Pinky Promise

Your cousin was likely your first pinky promise. Next to the girl who sat next to you in first grade, she was the one who introduced you to such a sacred bond. Yes, I'm a firm believer that no promise should ever be broken. But, locking pinky fingers is a sign of true (and dare I say, legit) friendship.

Growing up, you probably promised your cousin that you'd be best friends forever. You swore you wouldn't tell when one of you snuck a cookie off the tray at the holiday party, and kept quiet when it came to those embarrassing moments you've had together. That bond will never be broken.

She Doesn't Let Distance Get In The Way

You and your bestie got pretty good at dealing with distance when you went off to college. But, your cousin has been a pro at it since day one, and truly made sure that a few miles wouldn't ever get in the way of your friendship.

She grew up in a different state, and you likely only saw her during family parties among some other relatives. You'd anxiously await her arrival, and completely squeal when she walked through the door. Not seeing your bestie for months at a time is never easy, but your cousin is your favorite long-distance relationship you'll ever have.

She Knows Exactly How To Cheer You Up

Even from miles away, this girl knows exactly how to cheer you up. She's been there since day one, after all. So, she knows that certain memes will always get the job done, and that sometimes you just have to listen to that song from when you were kids and used to have dance parties in the kitchen.

Especially when it comes to your family drama, she's the only one who really understands. She's besties with your siblings, too, so her advice is always coming from a very reliable perspective. You're her favorite one, no doubt about it, but when it comes to your feelings, she won't ever mess around.

She Comes To You For Advice

You depend on your cousin for all sorts of advice, especially about navigating the real world. But, she also counts on you and will seek you out in true bestie fashion on the reg. Sometimes it's something simple, like deciding if an outfit is OK for the next family reunion, and other times you're sitting on FaceTime for hours hashing over every single detail of a text message.

You'll listen to her rant, and offer up your best advice based on your own personal experience. You know she'd do the same for you, and that's what makes you very legit best friends.

She Reminds You It's OK To Make Mistakes

Your family may always be much more forgiving than your friends when it comes to making mistakes. They've just been there through it all, and it's sort of their job when you're growing up to remind you that it's OK. Yes, you should absolutely learn something along the way, but you also shouldn't dwell on the fact that you messed up. It's all just part of life.

The cousin you call your best friend will remind you of this the most. She'll point to times in her own life when she was in the wrong, and make you realize that there are thousands of mistakes you'll likely make in your 20s. Take a deep breath, because she'll still be your bestie through it all.

She's Always Been Straight Up With You

Growing up, family secrets, and whether or not that outfit is cute — your cousin has been straight up with you about it all. She's just not interested in beating around the bush, and loves you too much to be anything but honest.

Truth is, when it comes to any bestie in your life, you know you've hit a crucial part in friendship when you can be blunt. Sometimes telling it how it is can lead to statements that are hard to hear, but it's always best in the long-run. Plus, wouldn't you rather know that your grandma went to music festivals on the reg when she was your age?

She's Not Just A Friend; She's Family

Your cousin is your most legitimate friend, purely because she's also family. She's bonded to you by blood, and that seems a bit bigger than any split heart bracelet, huh? Out of all of your relatives, she's truly your favorite, and you two have made it clear over the years that you're basically attached at the hip. Main squeeze, sidekick, partner-in-crime — she's everything to you.

They say you can't choose your family, but you really lucked out to find someone who's so much more than that. Your cousin is legit your bestie, and you really wouldn't want it any other way.