7 Times Your Bestie In College Reminds You Of Your Sister

Sister or best friend? Sometimes, you can't tell the difference. Granted, your college bestie hasn't quite been there since day one. But, she's completely stolen a piece of your heart. You could take her home to your family, and she'd fit right in. In fact, one time she came to your town around the holidays, and your siblings thought she was the raddest person they'd ever met. Sure, she gets on your nerves when she takes your stuff, but it would be no different if she was related to you. Truth be told, your best friend in college is like your sister, and you wouldn't want it any other way.

On any given day, you're walking around campus with your backpack and headphones in your ears. You pass by a bunch of familiar faces, and wave to your roommates from across the quad. When you get to the cafeteria, you know exactly where to find your best friend. She's in the line for the burger station, and probably wearing something that's from your closet, like that brand new sweater or pair of boots. Sure enough, you're right, and she stole a pack of cookies from your side of the cabinet, too.

You sit down at your usual table and catch up on life. This friendship isn't just for four years, it's for life, and a huge smile comes over your face. Your best friend is basically your sister during these seven times — and that's just scratching the surface.

When She Listens To Your Rants

Leave it to your best friend from college, and your sister, to always listen to your rants. You'll walk into her room, and simply ask, "Hey, can I vent about something for a second?" Hours later, you're still sitting on her bed, while she intently listens to the latest tea.

She brings in the snacks, and helps you look at the situation from all angles. You're not always a huge fan of the bitter truth, but you're so glad she's there to tell it how it is. She'll listen to your thoughts and feelings, but also be honest when you're overreacting or being too salty. When all is said and done, you're grateful that you have such a good listening ear in your life. Rant over.

When She Lets You Raid Her Closet

Your best friend is like your sister because she lets you raid her closet. Sometimes, you don't even ask, and end up showing up to her dorm in a sweater that she bought last week. Whoops! (Thank goodness, she doesn't mind that you took the tags off.) Let's be honest: She would do the same, and still tells you which shoes are best.

On top of giving you an entire outfit, this girl helps you get ready. She makes sure you have the edgy leather jacket, and the rock 'n roll playlist to go with it. Looking your best is a team effort, and she's always willing to hype you up before you walk out the door.

When She Gives You Dating Advice

Dating is a lot easier said than done. At school, you have so many opportunities to meet new people. But, you may be nervous or need some extra advice. That's what your best friend and sister are for. More often than not, they've been there and done that, or at least know what you deserve.

Imagine this: You go on a date with someone from your class. It seemed like it went really well, but you're not sure if you should send a text and keep the conversation going. Don't second-guess yourself, and instead look to your day one at school. She's always helped you work through your emotions, and keeps your best interests in mind.

When She Meets You At "Your Spot"

You and your bestie at college have certain spots around campus that you call your own. There's this one booth in the cafeteria where you always go for lunch. And in the library, you have a few rooms that are your favorite, or spots with the comfiest chairs. Whenever you're planning on meeting up in the middle of the day, you know exactly where to go. In a lot of ways, it's made your university feel smaller and more like home.

Growing up, you and your sister had places like this, too, that got dubbed "your spot." You'd hang at the diner down the street, or grab coffee in the center. Those traditions will always be there, and truly seal the friendship deal.

When She Doesn't Let Distance Get In The Way

At some point in the semester, you and your bestie have to part ways. She goes home for the holidays, or you're spending a weekend at a different school. It's going to sound dramatic, but can someone pass the tissues, please? *Cue the tears.*

Truth is, you miss her so much whenever you two are apart. But, you're also so close that nothing ever changes over the course of that few weeks. You're constantly in contact, or sending each other memes. Like your sister, your best friend from school doesn't let the distance get in the way. There's no limit to her unconditional love.

When She Warns You About Trouble That's Ahead

Your best friend looks out for you like a sister. She'll realize that you're going to bed super late and always waking up tired, or dating a person who's going to leave you #ghosted, and step in. At first, she might hesitate and wonder if she should get involved. (After all, your happiness is entirely up to you.) But, then she realizes that the answer is pretty simple, and always lends a helping hand.

She knows you can fight your own battles, and are strong AF. But, can't help but be a little protective over you and your heart-of-gold. She stand up for you, and warn you when there's trouble ahead. Phew! That was a close one.

When She Trusts You With Her Secrets

When it comes to secrets, your best friend knows you're the best in the business. You stick to your pinky promises, and would never tell a soul about her most embarrassing moments. More often than not, you're a part of those memories and remember the story like it was yesterday. She tripped when you two were walking to class, and ripped her pants. You laughed a lot before helping her up, and swearing, "This will stay between us."

But, every time she comes to you with a new secret, you feel like your friendship is even stronger. Let's be honest: She's more like a family member than your best friend. Sharing secrets and all that sounds just like your sister, huh?