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Your August Tarotscope Will Feel Like A Breath Of Fresh Air


I don't know about you, but I'm always searching for insight from something bigger than myself. Whether it be from astrology, tarot card readings, or simply a session of meditation or yoga, I'm always in the mood to unlock my intuition and seek a deeper truth. This is not to say I can't make decisions in my life without consulting these outlets; it's more so that I love deciphering meaning in things that may have otherwise seemed meaningless. When I understand how I'm feeling and why, it helps me live my life to the fullest. And I've got a feeling your August 2020 monthly tarotscope will provide you with the clarity you've been searching for about the month ahead.

A lot of people think the tarot is supposed to tell the future and that immediately turns them off from the whole process. Sometimes the tarot does give you a clue as to what a potential version of your future could look like, that's true. But here's the thing: The future is yours to mold into your desired shape. So as the tarot gives you deeper insight on what's going on in your present and what could happen in your future, it helps you take action in a more meaningful way.

In order to get the full benefit of the tarot, buy a deck for yourself and start playing around. But if you're in need of some answers now, this tarotscope has got you taken care of:


Aries: Seven Of Cups

You've reached a fork in the road and you can turn in any direction you desire. Each road has its own pros and cons, but you may feel the urge to pick the road that takes the biggest shortcut. If you're feeling that way, remember that sometimes it's better to do things the traditional route, because it is tried and true. This may be a gamble, but if you listen to your intuition, you'll pick the best option.

Taurus: Temperance

There may be so many external forces threatening to ruin your peace of mind. While the world may be in chaos, you have the power to sink your feet into the ground and stand true. Even if the world is so topsy-turvy you can barely see straight, you have the power to remain steady and resilient anyway. Tap into that power this month, because you're going to need it.

Gemini: The Emperor

You may be used to being on the receiving end of love, compassion, and care, getting by on the kindness of others. This month has you singing a different tune, because rather than lean on others, you're seeing that others are leaning on you. It feels so good to be a provider, a shoulder, and a rock for the people you care about. Now's the time for you to step up to the plate and give others a break.

Cancer: The Devil

There are so many ways to deal with the difficulties of life. You could make the most mature decision and take the high road, or you could succumb to your desire for revenge and instant gratification. This month, you're being tested. Create fewer problems for yourself by sending out as much good karma as you can. You'll definitely thank yourself for doing so later.


Leo: Seven Of Wands

You may be receiving criticism of your work and people are competing against you harder than ever before. Don't let this discourage you, because all it means is that you've worked hard enough and done well enough for people to see you as a threat. Continue working hard and believing in yourself, and whatever you do, don't be complacent. You haven't reached the finish line yet.

Virgo: Ace Of Cups

Something is grabbing hold of your heart and making you fall in love. It's new and it's exciting and you're feeling fully inspired. Don't simply bask in this love, take it and make something out of it. Think of this as a burst of fire that can light a candle that burns for a long time to come. If you don't take advantage of this burst, it may eventually come to naturally extinguish.

Libra: King Of Pentacles

You've worked so hard that you've reached a point where you're somewhat of a master in your field. Now, people are looking up to you for guidance rather than it being the other way around. However, you may still not be content and you may still fear scarcity. Trust in your abilities, because there's no reason to doubt yourself. Confidence is what you need right now.

Scorpio: The Sun

There is so much positivity, abundance, and happiness headed your way. If you've been dealing with a period of darkness, it's clear things are starting to turn around this month. And as your perspective starts to brighten, your power to manifest good things increases. Start visualizing all the things you would love to attract into your life, because it will arrive two-fold.


Sagittarius: Three Of Wands

You're showing so much natural talent and you've used that talent to sharpen your skills and prove yourself a promising candidate for whatever it is you're focused on. Now's the time to challenge yourself. Don't get comfortable with your natural talent, because what will set you apart from others is your willingness to fail over and over again until you finally succeed.

Capricorn: Ace Of Wands

After feeling stagnant and uninspired, you're suddenly being inundated with so many exciting new ideas. You may not realize you have the potential to bring these ideas into fruition, but this card is a sign you're coming up with these ideas for a reason. Believe in your ideas and believe in your ability to actually get started. The first step is always the hardest to take.

Aquarius: Judgment

A major change is taking place in your life. This change is sprouting from within you like a flower that has been trapped within the soil. Your potential is making itself known and you're blasting through barriers and realizing it for yourself. In order for you to enter this new chapter, you must let go of your pain, your mistakes, and your guilt. Forgive yourself and go forward unburdened.

Pisces: Nine Of Cups

Look around you. There are so many reasons to feel blessed. You're surrounded by love, success, abundance, and happiness. There's no reason to complain when you already have everything you need. Make sure to count your blessings and show appreciation for your life. Gratitude will only create more things to feel grateful for. Let this contentment sink deep within your bones.